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B12 or not?

Hi guys hope Im following and asking questions in the correct group...apologies if looking for some advice as to whether you think I may have B12 issues. I have been experiencing pins and needles in both hands mainly fingertips but also palm more so on left side. This appeared last year but did seem to disappear for a while but now back again. I was diagnosed with hashimotos last year and b12 at time was approx 333. I started sublingual myself and last check albeit months ago was 1799. Could this be known as a false reading as I supplement and could actually still have a b12 issue? Any advice appreciated. Thank x

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It's extraordinarily unlikely to be a false reading. Especially one that's so high. Yes, it is high because you're supplementing. But I presume the reason you were supplementing was to get your levels up.

It worked.

Some people can have high levels of B12 in the blood but still have problems because not enough is getting into the right places in the cells. But that's quite rare. A blood test for methylmalonic acid (MMA) can pick this up (MMA is a chemical used up in one of the processes facilitated by B12 - if there's not enough to carry out this process then MMa levels rise).

Do you have any other symptoms (see the pinned post for a link)? Have you been tested for diabetes? Have you been to see a neurologist (there are many other possible causes for this peripheral neuropathy)?

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Thanks for your reply. Yes I supplemented to get my levels up at the time along with iron as my ferritin was at 7.2. I had some checks for diabetes as I was experiencing low blood sugar episodes but was found to have reactive hypoglycemia. Only other symptoms are forgetfullness and brain fog along with some headaches which i usually put down to my thyroid issues x


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