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Hey all I'm back. I'm still having issues breathing. Feels like chest tightness and hard to take deep breath without yawn. I'm still on my regimen. I'm taking two spatone liquid iron a day at separate times to make sure it's not iron. Folic acid 5mg,potassium 5mg through food, omega 3,magnesium glynicate, biotin,D3&K2,b12 inject every rqo days for the last 5 months. It comes and goes but im getting tired of it and about to ask for referral to a lung doctor and heart doctor. I dont think its normal to feel like you need to take deep breathes or yawn to get enough air. Also getting light headed when standing.

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Hi Ithinkimdying I too have to take sudden intakes of breath and jsut count it as one of the many symptoms of P.A. However there could be other underlying causes so you should get them "crossed off the list".


Hey clivealive is this symptom long lasting even with treatment if it's PA?


It is something that I still "suffer" with and it was one of the first things my "new" wife Gill noticed after we married twenty years ago.

My other symptoms are not "so obvious" (unless I say about them) but she picked up on the sudden intakes of breath not realising their association with P.A.

So yes it is an ongoing symptom with me despite the treatment.

I do hope things start improving for you soon


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