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High pulse B12 deficiency?


Hi guys.

I am b12 deficient (level 192) (MMA 28). I have an unusually high pulse, goes up to 130, even when I am resting. I have been through a CT-scan of my heart, been observated in the hospital overnight, blood tests taken - all looks fine. (I´m 39 years old by the way, and have never had heart problems before)

My Doctor says, that a high pulse/heart palpitations is not a sign of B12 deficiency, unless you are anemic - which I´m not, my hemoglobin is fine. So he thinks that I must have a heart problem after all, that they just didn't pick up in the hospital.

What is your experience, have you had high pulse without being anemic?

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My friend is b12d with a high pulse rate, been this way for a long time, but his b12d wasnt picked up until very recently despite having numerous indicators.

maiken in reply to Lisahelen

Lisahelen, do you know if your friend was anemic, or just B12 deficient?

Lisahelen in reply to maiken

Just d but was very low potassium as well

maiken in reply to Lisahelen

Good to know, that I'm not the only one. My doctor also suggested that it was all due to anxiety, ....makes me so mad, when symptoms are not being taken serious or just diminished.

Has your thyroid been checked? You might have a fast pulse if you have an overactive thyroid and thyroid problems are sometimes found with B12D.....just a thought.


maiken in reply to megan17

That's what they thought the first time I went to the ER with my heart palpitations. But they ruled that out.

The first time my heart went crazy, was when i took the third dose of cyanocobalamin tablets. I tried taking them tree other times with the same result. Then I stopped taking them and my B12 level dropped to 140, and the heart palpitations started again. So for me, they are related, but my doctor thinks otherwise.

I later tried Methyl B12, but I also had a very bad reaction to them. Also a very bad reaction to B-Complex - and i have tried both methylated B complex and B complex based on cyanocobalamin. The cyanocobalamin was absolutely the worst.

I will be trying HydroxoB12 as soon as they arrive, because I really need to get my level up, I have so many other symptoms of low B12 now - it's rather scary, what a deficiency can do to you, and so quickly turn your life around.

Hi, when you say you are not anaemic how do you know this? What tests have you had and what are the results? Even if they are in the so called range that doesn't mean it's your particular bodies healthy range.

My doctor told med that if I was anemic, I would have low hemoglobin or at least, that's my understanding og what he said

Hillwoman in reply to maiken

It is possible you have macrocytic anaemia, which your doctor may not have checked.

CarpaBob in reply to maiken

I had a look at your blood results in your other post, your ferritin is fairly low in the range and your iron is the very bottom of the range. In my opinion i consider that low and if you have symptoms too then that would suggest you need treatment. The trouble with test result ranges are that they differ depending on area and lab so you have to look at the whole picture. Your personal "normal" healthy range may differ to the range being used. Did you get any other tests done and if so did you get the results for yourself? Never accept "normal" always ask for the actual numbers so you can assess your health. There are a number of threads on health unlocked that might help give you more information, then consider discussing further with your doctor.

Thought this link might be of interest especially the section on haematological symptoms.


I can't see any 'dangers' described on this pharmacy site, just the usual, well-known contraindications in some rare disease states, together with warnings about the drugs which may reduce the efficacy of methyl treatment.

As others have suggested - it could be the low iron and ferritin. Oxygen sticks to the iron in the red blood cells to be transported around the body to all the other cells. When the iron is low - then so is the oxygen. The heart senses this and beats faster to speed things up and obtain the much needed oxygen. Simplistically put in my non-medical way :-)

Low thyroid as well as raised thyroid levels can cause heart problems/palpitations. i wonder what they tested to rule out that problem ? Do you always ask for copies of ALL blood test results with ranges. ? In my experience the thyroid is rarely tested adequately - just the TSH which tells you very little about what is really going on with the thyroid.


The above link will tell you about the testing required.

Magnesium ? Most people seem to be low - and testing is not really worthwhile as magnesium resides in the cells and not in the blood. B12 lowers potassium levels too I have read.

Am not a medic - just a gal with Hashimotos and a B12 issue.

I take T3 only for the thyroid and in the beginning always knew when my next dose was due - my heart would flutter and miss a beat. 20/30 minutes after taking T3 things would settle. Now after several years I rarely notice my heartbeat.

Hope you soon feel better.

During the recent hot weather my husband felt very unwell. His pulse was very high, but his blood pressure was low. He went to the GP to get checked out, and was told he was dehydrated. We lose potassium and all those other beneficial things if we get dehydrated. Could this be anything to do with your high pulse rate?

Bananas are a good source of K, especially in a daiquiri. Lo-salt is about 2/3 KCl.

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