Anyone recommend a good probiotic?

I've been taking ACV and Betaine for stomach problems including low stomach acid and IBS which have worked really well. I haven't taken any anti-acids for over a month and I was on them almost daily. I would now like to start taking a probiotic to help the healing process especially as i'm on antibiotics this week for a chest infection.

Any recommendations on a good probiotic that others have found works well with low stomach acid problems?

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  • I hand PA and therefore have low or no stomach acid. A gastroenterologist told me this .Whem I asked if I could be tested he said that such tests were only done in research situations . I don't know if this is true . I wonder if anyone out there has had such a test?Anyhow I digress. The NHS has no treatment for low stomach acid, which is shocking as without sufficient we do not absorb the necessary nutrients we need for good health ,I did exactly what you did plus I took a marvellous water-based probiotic called Symprove. It is rather expensive . I took full dose for 2 months and the effect was truly amazing . I then cut down to half dose for 2 months . I now just take a bio- kult capsule daily All tummy problems gone ,Best Wishes to you!

  • Thanks will give it a try, I don't know what i would have done without the help on these pages. i'm beginning to think that a cause of PA might be low stomach acid and anti acid medication in general.

    Thanks again and good wishes to you too!

  • Yes,shipscat, I recently met someone who had been on high doses of Omeprazole for over 10 years. She had completely numb feet , and the numbness was creeping up higher .Shad had 2 operations on her spine to no avail . Could only walk slowly with a Zimmer frame . She had had to give up driving of course . I said I thought it was because of the Omeprazole neutralising her stomach acid .These proton pump inhibitors are prescribed too freely( to the joy of the pharmaceutical industry. ) When it gets this bad it's irreversible . It's truly wicked .

  • I've been taking Lansaprazole for several years, they caused awful problems, bloating IBS, runs, and I still got indigestion. I always put my stomach problems down to over use anti-inflammatory tablets such as nurofen, but now I think it is definitely due to the low stomach acid.

  • Dear anonymous21

    The name of the water based probiotic is SYMPROVE not symgrove ! Try again to google it I'm sure you will find it then ! Amazon have it too. It is rather expensive but so very very good . I just googled till I found the cheapest ! It has been developed by a gastroenterologist at Kings College . I don't use it now but if I got a problem I would use it again .

  • yes, wedgewood - I have heard that about Omeprazole too.

  • wedgewood thank you so much for this information, my first 8 weeks supply from Symprove arrived today, all ready to start tomorrow.

  • That's great. I'm sure that you will feel the benefits very quickly !

  • Hi wedgewood I am taking the bio-kult capsules daily you recommended to me (I am taking two a day at the mo) and have found a huge improvement in tum issues. So shipscat I can recommend them to you as well.

  • Yes, me working for me.

  • Hi Foggyme. I am So glad bio-kult is working for you. It was a great tip from wedgewood and I am starting to feel human again. I'm delighted.

  •'s brilliant, isn't it 😀. I'm also taking SAUKRAUT and that is also helping. Just thinking of getting some symprove to help kick-start healing as all here recommend it highly....

    Human being here I come...

  • Woohoo! Not tried the SAUKRAUT yet. Will get some from Sainsburys tomorrow. Thank you FM you have reminded me!

  • It's a reminding somebody! Oh the fog fog fog!

    Hoot hoot hurrah 😃

  • Haha it's great isn't it? I am soooo grateful to the wonderful people on here who have helped to make me well again. I am very happy for you FM!

  • If you can run to it, it is preferable to buy organic raw unpasteurised sauerkraut. The spraying of non organic cabbage destroys some of the important natural bacteria , and heating it either by pasteurisation or cooking it does the same . I have made some at home for the first time and am pleased with it I used an organic red cabbage instead of the traditional white. I also added chopped red onion which made it really tasty . Recipe on the Internet !

  • I am taking Symprove recommended by Wedgewood too. I am on my 3rd week of it. My thrush has gone, as has my indigestion.

  • Like Wedgewood, I've tried both Symprove and Bio-Kult.

    I started on one measure of Symprove a day for two weeks - and things improved enormously. The I stopped and went on to one Bio-Kult a day.

    Sometimes things deteriorate slightly. Then I have half-measures of Symprove over two days.

  • I've used Probio7 for a few months now and it has really helped, I am also Coeliac as well as low B12, iron and folate. So I take supplements for all of these as well as daily injections. I've never felt healthier and whilst life and energy levels aren't perfect (I'd quite like to be super human), they're the best I've ever had, and I'm about to turn 42. 😊 good luck. Xx

  • I take a high quality greens superfood concentrate that's loaded with probiotics. They claim 25 billion active bacteria at the time of manufacture and have a reputation for solid labelling claims. Are you able to take food concentrates? In my experience with IBS there a couple of brands of these types of products which are outstanding. I probably sound like I'm pushing a product with this message but really, I'd ask your Dr. if green superfood concentrates are OK for you and then check out the reviews on Vibrant Health and Genuine Health. There are other good one's as well but those are the one's I know from personal experience. Check out the reviews and ratings and see what's available in your area. Good luck! (I'm not selling these products, I just really believe in them as I've had IBS before intermittantly and I know how hard it is).

  • Why did you give up the symprove after 8 weeks if you don't mind me asking? I'd never heard of it but just googled it and it seems to be a 12 week course... 👍🏼

  • I was so very very much better and Symprove is so expensive. I continued taking half dose,

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