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Is a probiotic always a good idea ?

I have posted previously regarding my b12 and folate deficiency and neuropathy.

I am currently on b12 loading course and then hols so not sure what happens next, I know what should happen.

I have been on ppis for a long time to protect my stomach against anti inflammatory tabs, now stopped by agreement with gp.

I have always had lots of gurgling and other noises from my stomach, my question is, as I have no idea whether I have pa or not, would a good probiotic help me ? Are there any circumstances that probiotics should be avoided ?

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Hi Kenbowns I'm not medically qualified so cannot advise you except to say that I too have been on PPIs (Lansoprazole) since longer ago than I can remember and I also take a PRO 5 probiotic capsule from "Healthspan" every day and I've had P.A. for 45 years.

What was your diagnosis P.A. or B12 Deficiency and are you supplementing with Folic Acid?


Hi Clive

I would say the diagnosis is inconclusive, I have had a negative IF result, so as far as my gp is concerned I do not have pa, I did inform him of the tests unreliabilty and I am taking folic acid too.

I am hanging on to the hope that minus ppis and taking a probiotic and supplements that I can get my levels back up if I do not have an absorption issue ?

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"The strongest evidence to date finds that probiotic benefits include:

boosting immune system.

prevent and treat urinary tract infections.

improve digestive function.

heal inflammatory bowel conditions like IBS. ...

manage and prevent eczema in children.

fight food-borne illnesses".

I wish you well and hope you have an enjoyable holiday


Thank you and many thanks for your input.

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I have edited the word coarse to course several times now lol

Makes me look a little thick lol


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