Feeling confused

Feeling confused

Hi guys I have been sent a link from the lovely guys on thryoid forum although I have multipule nodules I believe that my fatigue, headaches,aching joints ect are possibly from my b12 deficiency I had to go private to get blood test done as dr is refusing to help these are recent bloodtest done that show a b12 deficiency now I have been taking a life plan b12 supplement from the local health food shop can anybody else help with any other supplements I can take to boost it up.

Any help wold be greatly received

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  • l used patches but didn't think they helped 1000mcg l feel this wasn't enough l now use jarrows lozenges 5000mcg daily and this is making a difference l also top up with Holland and barrett spray, lozenges on amazon lm too wimpy to self inject or l would be!

  • Where can I purchase the jarrows lozenges? And how long did it take you to feel any kind of benefit from taking them? I know obviously it will differ person to person but I'm back to napping in the early evening and school holidays are here now so have 3 kids to entertain 😯

  • Hi I buy thr sublingual b12 lozenges by Jarrow from amazon. I get the 5000mcg ones, and initially took up to 10 a day. I self inject now but still take about 4 daily. I also buy the boost spray from there too, but don't use it so much now.

    As the lozenges are sublingual, (dissolve under the tongue) you bypass the stomach so if you do have an absorption problem then you should be ok. Same with the spray. I felt better within the week, but it all depends on how long you have been deficient and your symptoms.

  • hi sarahp41 l also buy mine from amazon it was probably about two months before l noticed a difference l still have bad days but nowhere near as bad as before most days l have lots more energy and l feel generally happier my b12 was 140 so it probably neede the two months to make a difference you can pay extra and get next day delivery lm feeling so much better l really did think how much better can you feel for taking a simple vitamin but loads better so stick in there vit d made a huge difference with bone pain and weakness my ferritin was also down at 6 twice and l am on these permanent now but also make sure you ask for the levels you are being tested for docs will tell you they are normal when they may be low which might not suit you as a person guidelines are treat the symptoms not the level but unfortunately this is hardly ever the case l do believe all women should have post natal blood tests done to check everything especially after a caesarean good luck

  • If you're not a vegan, haven't had stomach or small intestine surgery, don't take PPIs or metformin and don't abuse nitrous oxide then the most likely cause of a deficiency is an absorption problem.

    The tablets you are taking have a fairly small amount of B12 (25 ug) and rely on absorption in the gut. So they may not be doing much to help if your gut isn't working properly.

    Many people find that sublingual lozenges/sprays or skin patches help - something with 1000 to 5000 ug will be pretty sure to boost your B12 levels and may be worth trying.

    Bear in mind that those high levels will mean any blood test for B12 will be artificially high - making any proper treatment by a doctor - and any investigation as to the cause - difficult.

  • No I'm not vegan have had a c section, during all 3 of my pregnancies I went severly anemic was taking spa tone ontop of drs prescription and that just about kept me going, do I need to also take a b complex to help aid absorption?

  • Any B complex will be the same as the pills you're already taking - the B12 will be useless if you have an absorption problem. Try searching on Amazon for B12 lozenges and pick one you like the look of (Jarrows and Solagar are oft-recommended).

  • Hi Sarahp41

    You do need folate and B6 to help the B12 do it's job. I use sublingual methylfolate and I take a food based B complex which is not sublingual. Wish it was! You can check out Amazon for vitamins. I use Swansons online and have for years, they have some pretty good prices.

    Hope you feel better soon.:-)

  • I use Garden of Life Vitamin Code raw b complex and raw d3 which I found when mooching around in a health food store in the USA but are available on Amazon. No nasty fillers, all vegetables! I know they work because I stopped for a week prior to a b12 test and I felt far worse than I ever did.

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