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Just wondered if anyone could give me some advise? I was recently diagnosed with anaemia and prescribed iron tablets. I requested some further investigation as it has not been the first time. Blood test confirmed a positive result for IF antibodies but was told that B12 levels were normal. GP just told me to continue taking iron. Have not felt any better in fact in some respects worse. Should I be requesting further investigation or just continue with GP's advise?

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  • A positive test for IF antibodies means that you have PERNICIOUS ANAEMIA, WHICH MEANS THAT YOU MUST START TREATMENT IMMEDIATELY . B12 levels don't come into at all. You are obviously not able to absorb B12 in your stomach . When I was tested for IF antibodies I had a sky high reading for B12 as I had been taking sub lingual B12 lozenges by the dozen, which I hadn't absorbed . Treatment was started immediately, and I started to improve immediately ! I cannot believe that a doctor doesn't know this. Truly outrageous!

    Go to another doctor with the test result and hope that he/she is not as ignorant as your present doctor! Best wishes SMunn

  • Thank you. I wasn't that impressed with the GP and will seek more help.

  • P.S. The treatment must be loading doses (injections of Hydroxocopbalamin (B12) 6 injections in quick succession of about 2 weeks. Also take a Vitamin B complex supplement . as all the Bs are important for P.A. especially folate (B9)

  • suggest you look through these materials which fbirder put together

    unfortunately GPs do have a tendency to think that a B12 deficiency is about the level of B12 in your blood - it isn't about the levels in your blood it is what is going on at the cell level. Do you know what type of anaemia you have - B12 won't necessary resolve an iron based anaemia - the usual anaemia associated with B12 is macrocytosis - larger rounder red blood cells which makes them less efficient at transporting oxygen. Would be helpful to actually get printouts of test results.

  • SMunn Also ask to have your B9 Folate level checked as this is essential to process the B12 once the injections have started. If you have P.A. you will be on them for the rest of your life.

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