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Low B12

Any advice would be appreciated. About 4 years ago I was started on B12 injections due to B12 deficiency. Then about 2 years ago a GP stopped them as my levels we're ok. I Argued they we're ok as I was having the injections. Unsurprisingly my levels dropped and they have me one injection. My levels dropped again and I was given B12 tablets. Levels went up by 20 in 3 months. Last month another GP stopped my prescription for B12 tablets as my levels were 225 (feb blood test). Also I have tested negative for pernicious anaemia! I am not vegetarian, never had stomach surgery but do have IBS. Also my sis has coeliac disease. A lot of people on here sound like they know their stuff ;-)

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If they tested you for pernicious anaemia by testing for anti-IF (Intrinsic Factor) antibodies then you could still have PA as 50% of those with PA give a false negative result. However, the doctors sound so stupid that I wouldn't be surprised if they tested by examining your tea leaves.

You were correct in your statement that the high levels were because of the jabs. Do they ever tell diabetics that they're having their insulin withdrawn because their blood sugar was fine this morning?

Download my summary document - for the expert's opinion.


I do love you Frank, your quips always make me smile, keep it up.


Thanks I will take a look. I have had numerous conversations with doctors and have informed myself but they just don't listen.


Start a logbook of when your symptoms return. Try to assess a severity score. Document all of your neurological ones and ask the GP to include it in your file.

The surgery may treat you as a hypochondriac at first, we've all been through this stage. Keep calm and try not to let your frustration show, they may try to treat you for anxiety, explain that this is just another neurological symptom that sufficient B12 will help.

You want high B12 levels to repair nerve damage.


Ask to be sent to a gastrologist as I had to go through this process myself in 2008 as iam not P.A or vegetarian my consultant told my gp after our appointment to give me hydrocloblamine every 3 months for life and not to test b12 again as it will only show iam having injections he also did allergy tests etc that came back normal. My jabs have continued for 8 years no problems x


Contact the Pernicious Anaemia Society for a full symptom list and more information. Your GP is playing around with your health by changing your treatment. There are guidelines they should be following and the PA Society can provide information leaflets for surgeries.


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