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My baby is 18 today!!!!!!

Good Morning everyone, weather is a bit hazy but just nice. I'm still suffering with my right ear so I'm going to phone doc up later to make another appointment.

On a brighter note my baby daughter is 18 today and my other daughter is 28 and having a baby girl in October (can't wait). So we have a lot going on.

The other problem I'm having is my night leg cramps are back so I've not had much sleep. My leg is really sore but I'll just take my painkillers and hopefully the leg cramps will stay away.

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Ah happy birthday to your daughter and congratulations on the impending arrival of your Grand daughter. My Grand daughter is 3 and a blessing to us everyday. So exciting when a new baby is born. Hope your ear feels better soon.


happy 18th to baby bentleyboo!


happy birthday to your daughter and sympathy for you. My feet and legs are SO painful some nights I think I will go mad.


Hope you manage to celebrate everything appropriately.

Also hope that things start to improve soon.


Have you tried magnesium for the leg cramps? Magnesium Citrate can be bought as a powder which you add to drinks (the tablets are hard to swallow) or you can buy a spray which you would spray directly on to your legs. Magnesium can cause a slight tummy upset though.


Better You - do a Magnesium Spray which can be sprayed on various parts of the body throughout the day. Alternatively spray onto the soles of your feet and pop on some sox before sleep :-) You can also buy flakes for your bath or a foot bath ....


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