Frequent urinating?

Hey guys. I feel like it's ever since I started the self injections of b12. Twice a week. I've noticed lately I've been peeing a TON and sometimes I'll almost pee my pants. Is this.. normal? Maybe trying to adjust? I've been sick and undiagnosed for years I can tell I'm permanently messed up in my head I often act very loopy and sort of drunk. Bad coordination etc. That's fine. I just want to feel better and I hope the shots aren't harming me..

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  • frequent need to urinate - and a degree of loss of bladder control - as well as frequent urges to defecate are quite common effects of a B12 deficiency - probably one of the effects on the auto-nomic system that means that signals from bladder etc don't get through properly.

    For me it took starting with adenosyl B12 to really see an improvement in the urination problem but everyone is very different.

  • I've only really noticed since I began treatment a month ago. Its usually just a few days at a time but it concerns me. It's just weird. I know the b12 you don't need you pee out. I hope it's getting absorbed through my muscles. Makes me worry. I just want to feel okay. I always feel really ill

  • Sometimes the neuro symptoms get a bit worse when you start treatment - so possible that it could be an effect on the autonomic system that sorts itself out as treatment goes on. I shouldn't think it would be anything to do with the body removing excess B12 as it would do that as part of the normal urination process.

    Its also possible that it was there but you are now noticing it and more aware of it. To be honest I think the only thing you can do is keep an eye on it. If it starts to get really bad then you could try seeing your GP. It certainly isn't something that I've ever seen mentioned before as a side effect of B12 ... but people vary so much ...

  • Hope that you don't mind me asking, but what sort of adenosylcobalamin did you get. Was it injections? Thanks.

  • I use a sublingual tablets - haven't tried injectable and getting hold of adenosyl solutions seems to be a bit hit and miss

  • Thank you very much,Gambit 62.

  • One of the most common causes for frequent urination, especially at night, is diabetes. Many of the other symptoms are similar to those of a B12 deficiency. Have you been tested recently?

    Don't think that, just because you're a fit, svelte, young thing, you couldn't possibly have diabetes. We all know that autoimmune diseases are commonly found together. It's possible that you have LADA (Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults). It's a sort of cross between Type 1 and Type 2 (often called Type 1.5).

  • No I got tested and my blood sugars are good! I've always had issues. Some weeks I'm so thirsty I feel crazy if I can't guzzle ice cold water. Some weeks I pee all day it seems. It's really weird. I've pretty much had every test done in my life even thyroid and hormones checked. My dhea is really low but that's something I was going to eventually get to

  • Have you ever been tested for Sjogren's? Common symptoms are dry mouth and eyes and fatigue but also linked to thirst and frequent urination ... and low DHEA! It is one of the autoimmune diseases which tends to be more common in people with pernicious anaemia.

    You can be tested for the two antibodies which usually show up but I think it is usually confirmed with a lip biopsy as the antibodies attack the glands producing saliva.

    Here's some research showing the link with frequent urination:

  • Hi L, just a thought based on what you've said here about guzzling ice water... If you drink a lot of water then you will pee all day! I just had my bladder problems investigated and they get you to fill in an in/out diary of your fluids which was very interesting (bit messy...) you will hopefully see that the in/out match so you could lower your input - drink less. We are bombarded with the drink water message but there's no evidence we need 6/8 glasses of water a day. You get plenty from food...

  • I agree with you! The 6 to 8 glasses is probably for those that are very active and sweat a lot! I haven't been drinking a lot lately and I haven't had to pee as much today. It usually just comes in like 2 or 3 day bursts where I'll almost pee my pants if I dont go and it's a lot! I'm still thinking is from the b12 shots I do. Gotta get my body used to absorbing b12

  • I don't know how old you are but it was driving me crazy - those vegetables are water too... Anyway, in the end they gave me vaginal pessaries of estradiol and Bing! I can sleep through the night! Water is highly addictive and if you have any kind of oral fixation then it's easy to drink more than you realise - you may just be linking the b12 and pee - I linked mine with everything other than the simplest explanation - menopause... 😟

    Still, get there in the end... Sortov... 👍🏼🍀🍀😀

  • There is also MODY diabetes which is closer to type 1 than type 2 - there are several different variants that have been identified and it is a dominant gene - so high incidence in families with a 50% chance of passing it on to a child - and if you have the gene you will develop the diabetes. Different variants respond to different treatments ... 2% of diabetics have MODY diabetes.

  • I got that after starting injections. Gradually my waterworks got better. There was a stage before starting B12 that I had to press my lower abdomen to help pass water so this was a sign to me my bladder was working better again. Things are not perfect but better but I'd had urinary problems for a few years beforehand.

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