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Hi all !can I just say I have been permanently glued to this website since finding .....thank god for you all and your fantastic information sharing ...have received B12 from Germany ...speedy and efficient versandapo many thanks fbirder ....needles don't arrive till thurs from Amazon thought I would go to Boots and pick some up hopefully .....pharmacist looked at me incredibly disapprovingly and said she could not provide because overdoses of B12 were fatal ........I could lose the will to live if not for this brilliant website ......where else could I get needles from any suggestions ?

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  • " and said she could not provide because overdoses of B12 were fatal "

    I have read that B12 (hydroxycobalamin) is used in very high doses for people who have cyanide poisoning.

    "where else could I get needles from"

    Some people resort to using needle exchanges for drug users. The needles here may be free.

  • Yes I also have read that too on this forum about the treatment for cyanide poisoning so it cannot be fatal !gosh there is so much misinfo but was surprised to hear that from a pharmacist !!many thanks for your reply ....much appreciated !😀

  • I would offer to post you a couple of mine but they would probably arrive the same time as your amazon ones! Lol

  • Ahhh many thanks for that lisahelen literally can not wait till thurs !do you inject IM or sub cut ?were you nervous ....I never thought I would look forward to a self jab so much but have been feeling SO bad as I am sure you were !will keep posted thanks again 😀

  • I'm afraid I laughed out loud at the assertion that overdoses of B12 are fatal.  They could well be but it would be a real challenge to get the point of overdosing - think you'd probably die of old age first

    Sorry - no ideas of where you could get the needle - unless there is a drug addict programme in your area that provides them...

  • Perhaps if the B12 were delivered by a B12 air rifle?

    [There really is an air rifle called XS-B12. Made me chuckle.]

  • Oh how that made me laugh !!and god how we need it !havent been doing much of that over last year !!!it is quite incredible isn't it just when we thought we couldn't be misinformed further .....thanks for that helvela keep up the fight !!😀

  • I also laughed out loud on reading that 'overdoses' of B12 are FATAL!  OMG what planet are they on?

  • Gambit62 I've had well over 500,000mcg of cyanacobalamin injected.

    Mind you that's been over a period of 44 years and I much prefer the "probability of dying of old age first" to that of overdosing on B12. :D

  • Could not agree more clivealive !!its astounding isn't it ...thank you for all your great posts and information I can not tell you how relieved I am to discover this brilliant forum 😀

  • Many thanks gambit for your reply and all your great information much appreciated will keep posted as soon as needles arrive !!😀

  • Hey again I have a constant cough in morning and needing to constantly clear my throat which feels so tickly but not sore also cough a lot after eating this related to B12 do you think ?its driving me mad and suddenly thought I know who i can ask !million thanks 

  • It could be B12 but it could also be a lot of other things.

    B12 deficiency can affect the swallow reflex.

    On the other hand it could be sign of a viral infection ... which might not be expressing itself as normal because the immune system is suppressed by lack of B12.

  • Ahhh that's interesting those points you mentioned about B12 affecting the swallow reflex ....and also about suppression of the immune system ......many thanks Gambit !!Did very first self inject today ....was a bit nerve wracking but was fine ...thanks to you all hopefully get life back !!cant tell you how relieved I am to have found such a helpful bunch !!😀

  • You can buy needles, syringes, sterile injection wipes and a sharps box from (good, I use them, quick to deliver). There's also (recommended by others on this site, but I haven't tried them yet).

    I'm new here so it's good to get a question I can answer!

    Good luck with the injections.

  • Ahh thanks so much foggy me ....much appreciated ...will keep posted !!😀

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