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Chest Pain

Hi everyone! I have been getting 3 monthly B12 injections at my GP surgery since June 2015. Not been officially diagnosed as PA (intrinsic factor test came back normal) but still having the jabs due to symptoms. I find that the injections have stopped the brain fog & the numbness/pins & needles in my extremities, but I find that around a month before my injection is due I get extremely fatigued and suffer from unbareably painful chest pains until my next injection. Does anyone else get this angina - like pain with their B12 deficiency? I have iron anemia too due to a GI bleed in January & currently take ferrous sulphate in addition to B12 and vitamin D.

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Hello stina I'm quite new to all this myself but yes I do. In fact it was the angina-like pain that made me go to the GP and led to my pa diagnosis. Have you mentioned it to your doc?


I mentioned it to the GP before, all they did was send me for a blood test for B12, which obviously came back high due to the injections! I am due to go back for more bloods soon, so I will mention it again then. 


Yes I would, it's really nasty isn't it? I had an ECG after the first one (before my pa diagnosis) which just showed that my heart was beating a little slowly - not a problem if that puts your mind at rest. It was after my second experience that I got diagnosed with pa, apparently it's another unpleasant symptom. My doc said she's referring me to a cardiologist just to check, maybe ask for same? If nothing else it'll be reassuring.


Hi stina,

Just regarding your supplements, it is advised that when taking Vit D3 that you should take Vit K2. This ensures that the Vit D goes to the bones and teeth and not to the heart.

I take a B Complex with Vit B12 to balance the Bs and most B Complexs have Folate included which you also need to keep a check on. 



"intrinsic factor test came back normal"


Just thought I would mention that it is possible to have PA even if the IFA test comes back negative/normal.

The "BCSH Cobalamin and Folate Guidelines" mention Antibody Negative Pernicious Anaemia on page 29 and elsewhere in the document. I think the BCSH document is well worth reading especially if you are UK based. I gave a copy to my GPs.

Martyn Hooper, the chair of the PAS, tested negative on more than one occasion on the IFA test before testing positive.

pernicious-anaemia-society.... 01656 769 717




I am not a medic just a patient who has struggled to get a diagnosis.

"Not been officially diagnosed as PA"

I have read that there are many potential causes of B12 deficiency.


I had many years with no treatment and used to get chest pains until I finally resorted to self treatment.....no chest pains since I started taking B12.



sorry to hear you have that pain.  i have since october been struggling with pain and had put it down to having done something at an exercise class. been to osteopath and it eased the initial stabbing pain on stretching or twisting but still had tight feeling right round chest and back. now seeing physio and still have tight band feeling round chest and back.  doctor keeps checking my breathing but there is nothing wrong there. do you think the pain may be the recently diagnosed PA? should i stop physio?  i also had chest pain which landed me in hospital some 9 years ago with suspected heart attack/angina. had angiogram and all tests - told it must have been a mystery virus and discharged after 2 weeks!  maybe i had it then too and didn't realise.  its seems very hard to work out.


Yes I recently been having those too, i had thought it was a heart attack, while at work one time. Its scary and i need to take anxiety pills and prop myself up on pillows, that helps. Everyone here is so helpful and knows so much about it, its reassuring to know you are not alone!


Hi I started on b12 injections back in July an since the end of August I have been suffering with palpitations chest pain an shortness of breath! I went to my gp who is blaming it on stress but I get it when I’m not stressed


I have started on b12 injections in July and since the end of August I’ve been suffering with chest pain an palpitations daily and it’s worrying me ! The doctors have said it can be anxiety but I don’t feel anxious


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