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B12 result is more than 2000 2 weeks after 6 injection loading dose, is this normal please?


I'm two weeks on from having a loading dose and have had  folate test 6.3 (2.6-15) and therefore got a b12 result too which i was told is more than 2000 now. Can I ask if this sounds about right please? Would it be expected to be this high?

I'm supplementing iron as iron stores are low, haven't taken folate yet, but think I will now as it's not that high...

I saw a reduction in breathlessness, head cleared a little and bit more energy after the 6 th injection, but would say that only lasted a week, but know this will take time. I have neurological symptoms, but wasn't allowed a 3 rd week, but am allowed to have another injection a month on from loading dose...for how long has not been decided yet...

Many thanks again...

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Testing blood serum B12 once injections have been started is pointless and contrary to the latest treatment guidelines. Symptoms are all that matter now.


Thank you Engels, I needed the folate, so the b12 got tested too. Still at least I have evidence there's some in there, what it's doing with it is another question I know! :)


Yes, levels of over 2000 are unsurprising after 6 loading injections.

If each injection is 1000mcg (that is the common dose), then you've gotten 6000mcg of B12 into your system. Everyone is different so the rate that your level drops after it has been flooded with B12 is very individual. As Engels said, it is symptoms that matter more at this point.


Thanks Galixie that's reassuring, yes that's what I had. Have read some people are low after testing, so guess that means they use it up quicker maybe? 


Yes. :)


No worries Jo5454 

As has been said it's a waste of time testing serum B12 once the treatment has started and I hope your symptoms continue to improve over time.

Take care now.


Thanks clivealive, I'm off for another tomorrow so looking forward to seeing what happens! Have read many of your replies and you're quite an inspiration! :)


Thanks Jo5454 but I'm just a fellow sufferer struggling to "educate" my G.P. that "one size doesn't fit all".

I wish you well for the future


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