Anyone else having b12 injection every 6 weeks instead of 12 weeks??

I had my loading dose in September...and since then been having one every 6 weeks as a feel the Symtoms start returning 😕. My anxiety, numbness and fatigue. Has anyone else had this experience. My GP was quite hesitant to give me The injection every 6 weeks but I insisted. I'm also have a vitamin d deciency, could that be the reason I'm not recovering as fast?

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  • My GP has prescribed injections every 2 weeks, which isn't quite enough so I add my own injections to increase the frequency slightly. I think he decided that it would be better if I injected NHS stuff, rather than the B12 bought from Germany.

  • on my goodness how did you manage that? Every 6 weeks! saw my gp yesterday - on and on she went about protocol and how as a special special favour I could have one every 2 months. She says she had to get special permission from above (?) to move from every three months to two.

  • As I say jillc39 it took six years and a change of doctor.

    If you have P.A. it should be every two months anyway per the BNF Guidelines

  • My GP is understanding, she said she had a couple of other patiences who have them sooner too. 😊

  • You are certainly "not alone" Tehmeena as this was virtually my first question on this forum six years ago.

    In my case, as I've been on cyanocobalamin 1000mcg B12 injections every four weeks since 1972 I was beginning to feel the need for more frequent injections after 3 weeks and despite having a "one size fits all" doctor, after a bit of a battle do now have the jabs every 3 weeks.

    We are not "all the same" and our individual needs are different. Your doctor should treat your symptoms not just read the computer screen.

    Do you know what your Folate level is? This gets used up processing the B12.

    Your low Vit D will not help how you feel either.

    I wish you well.

  • My vit d level 12 and folate 4.2

  • Both far too low!!! :(

  • I'm taking 5mg folic acid and 3,200 vit d. I hoping it will all start kicking in soon

  • You need at least 10 000 vit d to raise levels go on to the facebook vitamin d def support group they have a protocol to follow if your def

  • You also need to take k2 vitamin to get it into the bones

  • Wow, hang on to that GP.

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