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I feel

constantly drained of energy and

really struggling to get through the

day. It makes my anxiety worse

because I have this fear I'll just

collapse or shut down completely.

It feels very much like I will

collapse. I feel like I don't have the

energy to stand or to think. When I

do try to think (when I work hard at

work) I often get very dizzy and the

room starts spinning. My muscles

are also very weak and they shake

when I try to use them. I've been to

the docs because a nurse told me

to have my thyroid tested. He

doesn't think it's thyroid but I had a

fasting blood test today because

he wanted to check for diabetes.

I've been tested for diabetes

regularly over the last 12 years

because every doctor I see wants

to double check! So I very much

doubt there's anything wrong with

me. Do other people get the weak/

collapsing feeling and how do you

make it better? It's with me all day

long every day and I feel like I

don't trust my body to be strong

and robust and young anymore

(I'm 25), because I feel so frail and

I'm scared of 'pushing myself', by

exercising or doing much at all....I

feel like I might be making it worse

by trying to stay safe and just rest

all the time though?

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Hi, i guess as you have posted this on the PA site you think that this could be the reason you feel weak and dizzy. Did your blood test include b12, iron, ferritin etc if so then wait for the results to see what they throw up. If not, then maybe you should ask for them to be done. Other than that you really need your gp to investigate further.

Having said that, yes many people feel weak, extremely tired and suffer dizzyness.



If you think that you may be suffering from B12 deficiency then these websites may be helpful.

Pernicious Anaemia Society


01656 769 717

B12 Deficiency Info

I found these books very useful when I was trying to find out if I had the symptoms of B12 deficiency.

Could it be B12?: An Epidemic of Misdiagnoses

by Sally Pacholok and JJ. Stuart

What You Need to Know About Pernicious Anaemia and Vitamin B12 Deficiency

by Martyn Hooper


It sounds like pernicious anemia to me. Do you get regular B12 injections? Try taking folic acid. It helped me with the shakes.


Do you supplement with other vitamins and minerals? Iron? PA affects digestion. You most likely have maldigestion and need iron, calcium, magnesium, B viitamins,,,, etc.


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