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diagnosed 5 years ago anemic take irion tablets I have worked it out that 2 a day keep my irion levels at about 12 think should b 13 for a man does this mean I have to take these for the rest of my life as if I take recemended dose they don't agree with my stomach wot causes me to b a nemic appointmeant at ozzie march 1 specelist doc just prescribes my irion tabs doseant seem intrested wot causes it

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Pernicious anaemia is a bit of a misleading name so this may not be the best place for advice on iron based anaemia.

PA is actually something that leads to a vitamin deficiency, one of the consequences of this is particular types of anaemia due to the role the vitamin plays in healthy cell reproduction and the effect that has on cells in the blood.

I'm a long way from being an expert in anaemia as the vitamin deficiency hadn't affected me in that way before I was diagnosed so it isn't particularly relevant to me.

I have read other posts where people have been talking about their the effect iron tablets has on them - and stomach issues do come up.

These posts talk about alternatives to iron tablets


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