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Should I ask to see a haemotologist as just been diagnosed with PA?


I've just been diagnosed with PA and having loading injections. I have all the symptoms inc. neurological ones that I've had for two years. Should I ask to see a haemotologist as per the guidelines. My GP said wait and see how things go. Would they haemotologist actually do anything differently? I'm waiting to see a gastroenterologist as having nausea and abdo pain/bloating and also low ferritin which seems to have been at bottom of range for years even thought his is 3rd time I've been put on iron supplements.

PA society said don't bother with haemotologist.

Has anyone any advice or experience of having seen one?


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I wouldn't bother with a haemo either - it wouldn't change your treatment. Add into the mix that a lot of haemo's don't really know about B12 and can just think it is about levels in your blood ... a gastro is a much better choice given all your gastro problems.


Thanks for that. Makes you wonder why the Nice guidelines bother to state see a haematologIstanbul and not a gastroenterologist given all the links of pa and stomach problems


Its because everyone is so fixated on blood results and macrocytosis.


Yeah I'm keeping an eye on all my fbc results etc so far generally in range will see if anything changes if ferritin goes up, if anything my mcv is bottom of the range. Gp won't test again for ferritin and folate for another 2 months.


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