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Acid reflux

I've had acid reflux due to hiatus hernia for over 15y and take omerprezole 20mg once daily. I haven't had a bad attack in years until today and my god it was terrible I actually thought I was going to stop breathing, what with coughing, retching and vomiting.

Settling now but been going on for last couple of hours. I'm worn out. Any advice would be appreciated, my throat is burning.

I'm b12 deficient and self inject weekly

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go onto thyroid site and look for my post on acid reflux b12 thereis a video on there

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I can't find it. Can you copy and paste here please

Reply here you ar e catherine


Hi i have been on these ppi tablets for 15 years for hiatus hernia. Did not have a clue they stopped b12 absorption. If only i knew i would have taken supplements from the start. I have all the symtoms of b12 defiency which are now getting worse. I took supplements which made my b12 blood test normal range. Gp will not accept b12 deficency. Also said acid medication would not cause this. Gave him articles to look at still not interested. Has referred me to neurologist. I am going to continue supplements and try a bigger dose. He told me not to self medicate. I have no choice.


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