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Any members self-injecting in York / North Yorkshire?

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I've posted a few times on the forum, mainly re: self-injection and where to buy. I have been self-injecting (because, as the all too familair story goes, my GP is refusing regular injections), but an order I made on before Christmas has not arrived. I've re-ordered ...

I also found self-injecting quite intimidating (I didn't enjoy it all, and only managed three times because it made me so anxious). It occurred to me that there may be others in York / North Yorkshire also self-injecting, who are perhaps more experienced, and that this could be a source of moral support (perhaps a self-organised, self-injection clinic!!??).

So ... if there are any others who are on the same journey, in this locality, then please do get in touch. It's very isolating at present. I am struggling with exhaustion and symptoms, my GP is unhelpful, I've exhausted the routes of writing letters to my GP and the neurologist, and all of the private clinics are far away ... and expensive.

Thank you all in advance

In solidarity


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You must complain to ., and you will get your money back .

. It’s much cheaper to buy from certain German online pharmacies . If you don’t know German , you can get an app to translate . I noticed yesterday how expensive was . I think they charge the pharmacies who sell on their site ! One of the pharmacies who ship to U.K. and supply Amazon , also supply direct at a much lower price is—


Look for” Rotexmedica vitamin b12 depot” should take you straight there . DEPOT

means you get the Hydroxocobalamin form of B12 not the Cynocobalamin.

You need more than one source of B12 ampoules to compare prices and also they run out of stock sometimes .

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pollianna in reply to wedgewood

I do like Ordered 2 x and no issue as its DHL

Have you tried the youtube? I would say binge watch all the injection videos. Take it really slowly when drawing from the ampule. I was more scared at the 3rd one oddly. I found I am making a little ritual and its becoming a habit, less foreign to me.

I find a quiet spot with no time pressures too. I place everything ready to go, pop the amuple. Slowly slowly draw the b12 into the syringe change the needle and just ever so slowly pop it in.

What is the scariest bit?

I had issues with getting the top off the ampule, which then set me up to stress more. Getting ampule opener (online from Amazon) made a big difference.

As pollianna says plan it and do it the same way. I warm it up in my hand a bit for a min or two, found it stings less then. Make yourself an area to set everything up. Definitely helped watching injections and then making yourself a plan of attack.

It does get easier!

Hi, I'm in north Yorkshire, and I SI. I don't 'like' it, and occasionally it hurts, but it's easy and quick and makes me feel better!

Amazon are usually great at resolving issues - do complain about your missing order!

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