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Different kinds of B12 Supplements

What are the best kinds/types of B12 supplements (other than injection), the best brands of B12 supplements, the doses, anything I need to be taking with the B12 so that it works properly, etc.

-Also, do I need to take Folate no matter what form of B12 I am taking? Or is that just for injections? Is there anything else I need to take while taking B12?

I apologize if anyone has already told me any of this info. I have really bad memory problems. I try to read through past posts often.

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I am not an expert but have read and learned from others. Jarrow Methylcobalamin B12 is often suggested - they do 5000 mcg and 1000mcg - many use both. It is a tasty lozenge which is best kept under the tongue until dissolved. I have weekly injections and when I am not able to - I use the 5000mcg lozenge. They can be bought on Amazon.

B Complex can vary - so seek out a good one. Some contain Folic Acid which is synthetic - whilst methylfolate is natural and more readily absorbed. Thorne Research do a good one which was suggested to me. It is more expensive :-(

There are also sprays and patches for B12 - you could try them and see what works for you. Hope you soon feel stronger....


Really good question kwebster. Replies might help me too. Well done x


I was recently shopping for a B12 (methyl) supplement to complement my daily injections. I didn't realize that some of them actually contain intrinsic factor and methyl folate. Mutagenics a makes one, and there are a few others that are offered on Amazon. Does anyone have any experience with these products?

Many thanks, Tigereye


Supplement choices - excluding injection:

a) Large dose oral tablets in hope that enough gets through from the 1% that is absorbed outside the ileum

b) try to use membranes in mouth using sublingual tablets or sprays

c) try to use the membranes in the nose - nasal sprays/drops

Possible that B12 suppositories would also work (for some) though I haven't actually come across a product. wonder why:)

Different forms of b12:

Think jury is really out on this one and likely to be so for quite some time.

In order of how close they are to methylated forms used by the body the 4 artificial forms of B12 are

a) cyano

b) hydroxo

c) methyl

d) adenosyl (also known as dibencozide)

There is a lot of hype around methylated forms being easier for the body to use as it doesn't have to do so much processing but some people do actually report severe problems using methylated forms (applies to B9 as well)

I suspect there are a lot of genetic factors involved - ability to methylate is affected by a particular group of genetic mutations - some make it more difficult and can lead to B12 deficiency problems in the first place .... others seem to do the opposite.

Personally I find that different forms do different things for me so use a mixture - hydroxo works best with the neuro-psychiatric, methyl with sleeping and some nerve-signal issues and adenosyl seems to be the thing that works for me with incontinence.

At present the only way of knowing what works is to try.

On B9/Folate: I do supplement using folic acid and have no problems. I have never tried methylated forms so don't know what effect it would have on me and given how much more expensive it seems to be don't really have an incentive to try. However, it is also true that I use really high doses of B12 so suspect I'm also getting through high doses of B9 in processing it.

If you are thinking about using a B complex then check up on what the doses and potential side effects are of the ingredients - particularly aware of B6 as you can overdose on this but there may be others.

Sorry that this doesn't give you any clear answers and to some extent that is deliberate because the reality is that dealing with B12 is an individual thing and the only way to really know what will happen in your case is to try.


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