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yuliv spray

I have purchased some Yuliv spray in advance of going on holiday as the holiday falls just before I am due for my scheduled injection and its a skiing holiday which I know I will struggle energy wise with normally let alone right at the end of my b12 reserves. I was just wondering how much people use it? or one spray per day or one in each nostril etc. it doesn't seem to give any guidance on the box (bought from your health basket) and I guess it varies person to person but just thought I'd ask!

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I was away for a couple of months last year but managed to persuade my doctor to let me take it with me Did it myself with no problem.

It's worth a try .

Good luck

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Could you not persuade yr gp to give your jab early so you have a 'safe' and enjoyable holiday?


Lisa Helen - I feel a bit awkward as they have already changed my frequency down to six weeks from 10-12 and I didn't want to push my luck as I'm in the early months of treatment and they have been accomodating so far (compared to a lot of people's experiences) so I thought I'd try the nasal spray as a back up

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Yes, instructions are a bit limited - one squirt in each nostril is equivalent to a 1mg dose. I use a mixture of different B12 forms but when I was just using hydroxo I'd be taking 1mg 3-4x a day. My brother uses it very infrequently. My aunt uses just one squirt a day ... and I have my mother on 2-3 per day.

Neither my brother or aunt have formal diagnoses of B12D so have never had loading shots. Both my mother and I have and seem to need such large levels that it has to be more than just using up B12 and probably if we hadn't got caught up in having injections would be able to go with the much smaller doses that my brother and aunt manage on but that is by the by.

Use what you think you need. At 3-4 x 2x500mcg the bottle lasts for about a month so it should be plenty to get you through your holiday at whatever doses you need.


thanks Gambit, interesting to hear different peoples experience


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