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Excellent video re: B12 Deficiency

This has probably been posted previously on HealthUnlocked but there are always new people coming on to site, and I think it is well done, very informative, and I especially liked the fact that people who actually have B12 Def are featured along with legitimate experts.

Hope it proves helpful,


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Wow thankyou you are right there is always new people who would not have seen this I have long suspected that I have a b12 problem after I was diagnosed with graves and after treatment I still had so many symptoms I was sent to a neuro and after tests he said I had some nerve damage but didn't know cause I asked about b12 as at start of my graves it was 388 and within a year of treatment it had dropped to 238 he said that was to high to be b12

I joined this forum and read what people were saying here I decided that I would buy methyl b12 5000mg because I realised if I waited for the dr to look into it I could have serious problems its only been a month but my bladder problems are improving so I'm comfortable at home now without a pad the pins and needles have all but gone and I'm no were near as exhausted I'm hoping that I will get further improvement over the coming weeks I'm going to post this on thyroid uk as well as a lot of people there seem to have same problems

Thank you

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