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Doc finally agreed to try B12 shots because of nerve issues and showed him how B12 test os crap

4 once a day foe twp weeks then one every 3 months.

Because of a long ter. numb patch on back and differnt parts of body keel going numn or feel numb (but feel pinch) he's giving me shots.

Can B12 cause chest, shoulder and arm pain/tightness? Becaus i get that on and off but they are adamant it's not my heart because a certain blood test was fine as as previous EEG's (ive had a few) I had one that was abmormal but thay was a few uears ago.

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Hi Hypo 101, it's good your getting the injections once a day for two weeks, I was given them one three times a week then once every three months, yes I get the numb patches, they feel like you've been to dentist but you can feel the sensation of touch. I I also get chest pains, but I have to keep reminding myself it's not my heart as they usually happen the same time during the month?

Keep a check on when you get them there might be a pattern to them, at least it will put your mind at rest.


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