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leg pains and weird body thermostat

Does anyone else suffer from pains in the thigh muscles and inner thighs? I have burning sensations in my legs worse after exercise but persist at rest. My body thermostat is weird too - cold sometimes then suddenly hot. Feeling quite out of sorts generally.

I wonder if it is something not related to the PA I have. I get B12 jabs monthly at the moment.

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Do you have burning sensations in your feet and hands?

I read about a condition called Grierson-Gopalan syndrome which can cause burning sensations, which is sometimes found in people with B12 deficiency.


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Cold sometimes then suddenly hot and out of sorts generally describes how I felt at the start of the menopause ....... Don't know if that would be appropriate to you?


I think i am past that age. Weird symtoms keep happening but i see my gp today but not hopeful of help.


Too old . But very similar symptoms.thanks


This is also similar to me gillsie and I am male and have been ever since born 73 years ago, It is so irritating. I find I often go into a sweating session after or during a meal, so much so that a change of undershirt is required. It takes very little, like opening the oven to take out some cooked dish, for the sweat to start pouring out of me.

Unless I can go out with an open necked shirt, not jacket, I will not go to restaurants anymore as people don't like seeing the sweat dripping off the end of my nose.

I can't say this is directly connected to my B12 deficiency though as I have had problems with this over many years. At least I can sympathise with the problems of thermostat control in menopause.


Have you had thyroid tests?

Marz is knowledgeable about thyroid problems, you could search for her posts. the thyroid UK forum on HU is very active, perhaps you could post a question on there.

From what I have read, it is not unusual for thyroid and B12 problems to occur together.

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I see gp today so will ask but will check out the other issue. Thanks.


Hard to know but B12 does affect all the systems of the body as I understand it. Often in puzzling ways.


I also suffer from PA and have these symptoms - although I'm not sure whether its the PA or something else. I do notice that my body temperature is out of control around my the time of the month. Its almost like my body is over sensitive to small changes in temperature. I also get weird internal chills that leave me with goosebumps on my arms and legs.

I also get the burning sensations, normally in the tops of my thighs - these are worse in the morning and gradually ease off during the day.

I have spoken to my GP about this who didn't seem concerned - he recommended I start yoga as it was probably due to stress!

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I expect i will get the same gp response! She put 10 years of stomach troubles and weird symptoms down to stress. Turned out it was full blown PA and only found as i asked for a b12 test. I am past the menopause at my age i would think.


"I have spoken to my GP about this who didn't seem concerned - he recommended I start yoga as it was probably due to stress!"

"I expect i will get the same gp response!"

Don't be surprised if symptoms get put down to being depressed, being ahypochondriac or that they are psychosomatic.

I despair of some GP comments. A few years ago I taked to one Gp about my inability to exercise dueto lack of strength and stamina and tehya dvised going cycling. I can only dream of riding a bike. Not sure I could cope withyoga either or swimming although I might manage to bob about floating...can#t tolerate average public swimming pool as feel icy cold.

Soph_Bish, I also have more difficulty with temperature around menstruation.


If you type in Grierson - Gopalan syndrome on website below it brings up some info you may find interesting. It does mention that the syndrome can affect legs.


Interesting...I'm about 5 years post menopause, and have also been on an aromatase inhibitor (hormonal treatment for breast cancer) for about the last I could indeed be prone to hot flashes. But I always say that I don't get hot flashes, it's just that my internal perception of temperature has no relation external reality. I can be sitting in a 72 degree room, be too cold, and 10 minutes later be too hot.

I also find that my body over-reacts to my efforts to adjust temperature. So for instance if I'm chilly and put on a sweater, I will go straight through warm to too hot, and take the sweater off, and in a few minutes I'm chilly again. There are some nights at dinner where I have put my sweater on and taken it off 2-3 times. Yesterday it was just awful...and I did have a jab today and am feeling better. Never connected it to B12 before, but now I'll start noticing if there's a connection.


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