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I get a weird feeling in the back of my head. Some days are worse then other's' today's not to bad, Its' there but not as bad as yesterday It's hard to explain how It feels Its underneath my skull above my neck like a kind of pressure pain I have 3 monthly jab an sometimes self inject (because my dr wont give me them more often then that :( Its such a horrid feeling do anyone have this feeling also?

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  • Can not say I have experienced that, could be the muscles from neck to scull ?

  • Hi Marre thank's for replying to my question I have been getting this strange feeling for a while now not every day but a few time a week trying to find out what It is Dr google I came across this and wondered if any one ease had this feeling ( Generally pain in the back portion of the head originates from the neck problems due to irritation in the cervical (neck) spine because the nerves that supply the back of the head start in the upper cervical spine. thought It might be pa symptoms

  • I used to get a numb patch on the back of my head, but all gone now, I think that was B12 related and weird sensations such as wet calf or a wet patch on my heel, but all gone with more B12, so that seems B12 related, but pain I never got..still I'll not be surprised, many others get pain and it goes with enough B12 so it all can be nerve related.

  • Hi u feeling now ...i feel same symptm ..plz rply ..if you cure this problm

  • Hi rply how u feeling now

  • I get what I can best describe as an aching tiredness that goes up the back of my neck and into my brain, it almost feels like its shutting me down, the best remedy for me is to lie down and take the pressure off my neck, I don't necessarily need to sleep but it feels like it until I lie down - sometimes just that is enough to feel better - PA has affected my hips and back quite badly but also a think thyroid might have neck ache symptoms - my Gp is looking into this (slowly, they're off sick themselves and forgot to order the thyroid tests when they sent my bloods off recently) ho hum! :-)

  • I get this and also tingling in my skull, I have migraine, and had severe muscle spasms in neck, upper back and shoulder which I still get but not as badly as when they first struck. I'm looking into B12 deficiency as now I know much more about it I think this is likely to be at the root of my problems (I've more than I've listed here). But these kinds of symptoms can have different causes so I suggest asking your GP.

  • I have problems with my neck and shoulders. I don't think mine is PA related, but not being very active (because I'm tiered) and slouching allot has made the problem worse. I saw a physio who gave me exercises to pull my shoulders back.

    I also get migraines, and they sometimes start in the back of the head/neck. Migraines don't always come with pain, try gooleing 'silent migraine' and see if this is how it feels.

  • I get a weird sensation up the back of my head a bit like a tingling sensation but more like a something 'creeping' if that makes any sense to you?! (Mine goes into the left side of my face). It may be a coincidence but since cutting gluten from my diet within 4 days it stopped (for now). Think I'm on day 11 or 12 now. (I have a b12 deficiency and get 3monthly injections only and was inconclusive for celiacs- so cut gluten out to see if it helps) - awaiting other test results x

  • I too have pain in the place you said. Mine is caused by Sinusitis. I have recently had a CT scan of all the sinus spaces in my head. I am hoping for some treatment when the result is back.

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