Low triglycerides

Hi I have finished my loading my dose but still got bad neuro symptoms and dr won't give me any more B12 but has referred me a neurologist. In the meantime he done a blood test for lipids and my results are: !serum triglycerides 0.47mmol/L

!serum non HDL level 2.8 mmol/L all others are within range but these it says out of range. Does anyone know if this related to my Pernicious Anemia??

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  • Sorry, can't help with lipids.

    Has your doctor explained his stupid reasons for stopping your life-saving medication? Would he do the same to a diabetic - "Well, your sugar levels are fine today, so I'll stop your insulin and we'll check again in six months."

    The British National Formulary (your GP will have a copy) says that somebody with neurological symptoms should have loading doses until there is no further improvement. Then you should get jabs every two months.

  • Thanks for your reply I'm so angry right now just rang hospital and there's a five month wait for neuro appointment! My arm and leg are so bad today with pins and needles and nerve pain I'm now also having blurred vision. Think I may go see another dr tmrw and hope they have a different approach.

  • Also I have just bought a b12 spray for in mouth but will be able to absorb it if I have PA and can't absorb tablets,??

  • Yup. If you spray it under your tongue then it will be absorbed through the thin skin of your mouth.

  • But there is still no guarantee that it will help. I have found methyl sublinguals to be totally useless.

  • Ive been experimenting with methyl patches and spray they work for me as i didnt seem to respond to sublingual tablets.

  • This may help with understanding triglycerides


    one of the functions of B12 (in combination with folate) is processing fats like lipids so possible that they are elevated because your B12 has been low. Think this is also linked to the build up of homocysteine in B12 deficiency - which leads to cardiovascular problems and some consider to be a better indicator of serious problems than cholesterol but it has never had the same general profile as cholesterol.


  • The way your doctor should be treating you is laid out on this page (read the whole page, not just the section I've linked) :


    Hopefully, you can print it out and show it to your doctor, if you think it fits the bill.

  • Thank you so much for the advice I'm going to see another dr on Friday and take that info with me, fingers crossed I won't get kicked out!

  • The NICE document is great on screen, but printing just the relevant section isn't easy. If you like, I could let you have the Managment section, with all the gubbins removed as a 10 page Word document (as opposed to 31 pages). Or I could make it into a pdf if that would be preferable.

  • Thanks but I have just seen a new dr and first of all just quoted from the documents... he scratched his head and Reached for his medical book and exclaimed oh wow yes you are right!! Relief flooded over me till he then said I will speak to your normal dr and call a neurologist for advice then call you tmrw!????

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