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Reduced B12 for MMA test and symptoms much, much worse

I'm waiting for a test kit to arrive from the States for an uMMA test, so I've substantially reduced my B12 supplementation. I'd thought that it would be enough to stop me from nosediving too much. Wrong! The symptoms have come back much worse than they were before taking B12 and I'm struggling. Does anyone know why, or if it would severely disrupt the results if I increased them again? I still had quite a few symptom even with taking the higher dose.

Thank you in anticipation.


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Why are you having the MMA test?

Is it to show that, when you're not supplementing, your levels of B12 are too low for it to do its job properly? In that case you will want your B12 levels low.

Or are you like me - high levels of B12 but still got symptoms. I had my MMA test to see if the high blood levels were actually working. So I carried on having my jabs.


It's to prove that I have low b12, so yes, I do need to keep supplementation down. Maybe later when I'm feeling a bit different I'll do what you've done and I'll have something to compare it with, although I'd prefer it to be symptom reduction that tells me. Previously, I was taking high levels of B12 without noticing much difference, but cutting b12 down has reminded me how much help it has been and how much worse the symptoms were before I started taking it.

The good news is that the test kit arrived this afternoon, so I've done it and have been able to increase b12 again and hopefully start feeling better soon.

Thanks for your interest.


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