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My Son Joshua

Hi My Name is Kelly and for anyone who has followed my sons story JJ from pernicious anaemia society site . i just want to update everyone . I know its been a long time since i have updated his information and im sorry . i have had a rough 4 years with getting seperated with my husband and being in hiding and court and now my health is bad i just found out i have a blocked valve and one leaking. that's enough about my personal problems . a while ago my son Joshua (JJ) had a treatment of pamidronate for his osteoporosis. He finally got good news the treatment worked . he still has osteoporosis.but the drug stopped it from spreading and healed the hair line fracture in his 4 and 5 vertebra . he still has a small one in his third . but just a small hairline. he is also holding up all his vitamins and calcium levels and his vitamin D level . for the first time since he took sick he got good news. he still has to take it easy but at least the treatment worked. He is doing alot better mind you he still has his bad days. thats it for now ill update sooner next time Kelly Joshuas Mom

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You poor darling - thank you for posting your piece of very good news. I hope everything continues to improve for you!


Thank you for the update. I read JJs Story in "Could It Be B12" and often wondered how he was doing.

Thats so pleasing to hear his treatment worked.


I am so happy for you both. An improvement in your life circumstances.

I can't see the keyboard, for my tears of joy for you both.


So glad to hear that your son is doing well, but sad to hear about your problems too. Wishing you both a better future. MariLiz x


Pleased that things are going well for JJ and I hope that life will be on the up for you, both medically and personally very soon. x


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