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Could it be the brand of b12 that is causing my problems

Hi I wanted to ask this as my loading doses worked straight away for my muscle weakness and other symptoms but as I finished those and got a new supply and pharmacy gave me a different brand . And since having the last 2 injections I feel they haven't worked . I surpringly got good news from doctor re frequentcy of injection . I'm now allowed them once a month instead of 3 monthly . I am over the moon that I have got through to her but am I clutching at straws as I def feel the one I got last week did not work . She has given me a new prescription . Is it worth using the original brand x

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Thank you I am just checking these and will get back to you x


I have had the exact same problem My injection in October did nothing and I had to get through to jan with sublinguals Just had b12 in jan ,and although a little better for a couple weeks ,back to muscle weakness .Today brain fog etc. Gonna take folic acid over next few days cos had one this morn and felt better in a matter of hours .Have my yearly health check in may ,see how we go .Hope you resolve the problem I think my injections didn’t work cos it needs folate Hope you have an understanding doctor who listens, mine is hopeless Good luck

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Hi I'm sorry that you are going through this also . I am not on my own then ! I was the best I have been in my life when I got the loading doses . The only change being going to 3 monthly and the change of brand . But after last 2 injections I have found it harder to last . Maybe only getting 2 weeks then symptoms coming back . What brand of folic acid are you taking ? I also have been trying this but a very cheap pharmacy brand ! I don't think it's doing much .


The NHS will not help you, they are useless when it comes to things as simple as vitamins.

My advice is buy hydroxocobalamin from and inject everyday until no improvement.


Thank you . I tend to agree . I felt I had a bit of a chance when she gave me once a month instead of three monthly which Iv been fighting for . But this obviously isn't enough .


I went through exactly same as you in July 2016 had Loading doses felt fantastic . Had a fall in the August downhill from then on ,I think I do realise cos I have osteoporosis that it uses a lot of b12 which then uses a lot of folate People on here always tell you to take folic acid but I only took it occasionally Reading an article last night which said if you hav osteoporosis to take b12 folic acid and magnesium Have been taking magnesium for the last few days and the folic acid and again feel I have woken up I take Swanson’s adenosylcobalamin and hydroxycobalamin which seems to suit me best cos have tried others and really I think any folic acid as long as it is 400 a day But I really think it just finding what suits you best Got a draw full of meds and my son is just beginning this journey good luck


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