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I've finished my loading doses 2 weeks ago and had an MRI on brain last week as dr wanted to check on headache I'd had for 6 weeks. Results came back ... Age related wear & tear. Dr says he hasn't seen in someone so young (41) I was slightly pleased to be referred to you as young!! Anyway he said he would have to speak to refer me to a neurologist. Anyone had these results from MRI??? Also Drs just rang and asked me to book in for fasting glucose & lipids test anyone know why???

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They will be testing for diabetes.


Hi. I have been down a similar route and my MRI shown that I had three areas of damage from esheimic attacks. I am 45 and found this alarming but wonder if it's just a common thing in the majority of people's brains but we are blissfully unaware of it.

I have had so many tests done from heart, blood pressure monitors, carotid artery scan then CT followed by MRI Then. Oh it seems you have a B12 deficiency, it seems a little crazy all those tests. Xx


PA can cause horrible headaches. I've had MRIs both with and without contrast of head and cervical spine. B12 d can cause symptoms similar to MS and MRIs of PA patients can mirror those of MS patients. My results were so similar that he ruled out MS with a spinal tap. Sounds like your doctor is being cautious and looking at everything. You're lucky. I'd definitely see a neuro just so he can help you with symptoms. There are some great mess out there that can do wonders.

Good luck and feel better!

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