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I wrote to my doctor about symptoms recurring if B 12 injections were less often than every two months, and she has referred me to an endocrinologist Does anyone have experience of what such a specialist might look at? I am also on extra thyroid and HRT. My B12 is supposed to be every two months, but the last one was delayed till 10 weeks, and I could feel all the usual symptoms recurring. I asked her about the risks of further nerve damage occurring, and expected her to send me back to the neurologist for more tests.

Thanks, Chris

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I was under an endocrinologist for my thyroid illness but most go to see this type of specialist for diabetes. I would suggest that you do a lot of homework before you see him/her and, if it is not to late, ask your GP to refer you to one that specialises in thyroid/B12 illness and not diabetes. After a rough start with my endo he turned out to be quite good - although it was me pushing and shoving him in the right direction that got the results as left to his own devises it might have been a different story. He did every test under the sun, bone scans, adrenal tests, heart monitors and so many blood tests I thought I might need a transfusion due to the amount of blood that had been He sorted out my low vitd and requested my GP refer me on to a gastro due to low ferritin levels, who in turn diagnosed me with hypoferritinanaemia - which in short means low ferritin without anaemia.

You could always do your own research of endo's in your area and then ask your GP to refer you to the one that sounds most appropriate for you.

Hope this helps.

Moggie x


You are on extra thyroid without seeing an endocrinologist? They look to see if your endocrine glands are working properly. The main one that people have problems with is the thyroid -- usually either overactive or underactive. They just do a blood test, and feel your neck for the thyroid. You should not be taking any kind of thyroid medicine until you see this specialist! Is it a prescription, actual over the counter thyroid, or one of these mainly iodine supplements?


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