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b12 and hashimotos

hello everyone

my b12 was tested in the summer and it came back as 113 so I had loading injections my parietal cell and intrinsic factor antibodies were negative. could it be that my thyroid is the culprit for the low b12 as I have hashimotos and I have just read that this can make your b12 low. is that right? If so are there any tests I should have to find out or any action I can take to make sure it does not happen?

Thank's for any help

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Parietal and IFA tests are even less accurate in diagnosing that B12 serum so negative results don't mean that you don't have PA.

There are also a number of other things that can cause an absorption problem with B12 which (unless you genuinely don't have any B12 in your diet) are the general cause of a deficiency.

Unlikely that the hashimotos is causing the problem though there may be a correlation as the chances are that if you have one auto-immune disease then you will have 2 ... or more.

It is also possible that supplementing B12 may affect your thyroid levels so worth getting those monitored.


Thanks Gambit that's helpful looks like why my b12 was low will remain a mystery. I eat lots of meat so that shouldn't be it. Thanks for the help


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