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Neuro symptoms worsening please advise

Hello all. Not been on for last month as had horrific time in hospital, now battling with doctors - again! I have some sort of adrenal failure and been so ill! Guess what? No diagnosis!

I wrote a month ago that I was getting severe weakness in my legs...turned out not B12 related but probably the above.

Anyway, I was in hosptital for 2 and a half weeks. I felt fine (B12 wise) so thought I'd see what I was like without injecting for a week (as this is all I am prescribed). Ok at first, but started to give myself every other day injections after the first weak. Problem was nowhere to discard needles and I was doing it in secret. Wrapped needles up and disposed of them when I got home.

Anyway, the last few days I have had an increase in burning feet/pins and needles, I am so scared now that I have permanent damage as I stopped my injections too long. My symptoms started around 4 months ago. I am taking amitriptyline 10mg for this.

Should I try daily injections? What are other people experiences?

This year has been hell and I now distrust every damn doctor in the UK.


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I feel exactly the same, my doctor has no record of my being diagnosed as having PA so won't give me any more injections, I live in a small two bedroom bungalow and a month later I couldn't find my way to the bathroom, I couldn't think straight so in panic Igot some B12 from Germany and gave myself a loading dose of 11 vials slowly over a three week period, within another two weeks I has no nerve pain and the fogginess had lifted. I told the doctor all this. I went to see him on Thursday last to see if he would reconsider and he told me to wait until my symptoms returned and then come in for a blood test!!! So he wants me to become ill so that he can go off the numbers rather than take my word that I know how my body is. By the way I was diagnosed in 2005 by another doctor at another surgery, but sadly we moved away and changed doctors. My present surgery has been giving me B12 injections for the last 8 years without question,like you I an at a loss what to do next 😟


Do you have a recent folate level ? Do you know to keep your potassium levels up through diet ?


Everyone is different but I did get worse when I didn't get enough jabs and now do daily jabs plus extra supplements. See my previous posts/replies for more details.

I don't think it would hurt to try it and see. I suggest you increase your folic acid and potassium intake if you do.

You have my full sympathy and best wishes.


Thanks everyone.

I am a complete wreck and now dealing with (can you believe?) worse symptoms on top of everything else, likely adrenal problems. I am far from a diagnosis and feel like hell.

My potassium is ok but I think I will restart folic acid, although I was told you don't need to take supplements for this is using methylcobalamin.

I have zero faith in doctors. I have literally been at death's door and had to beg for help. I am worried if I get really ill and can't inject. I haven't told my (new) GP I am doing this. It is horrid keeping all this to myself and seriously impacting my mental health.

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I wondered if you had ever been tested for lyme disease?


This is interesting - just looked at the symptoms questionnaire and the symptoms are very similar to B12 Def.


Sadly Frodo from what I have read it seems to be yet another disease that is somewhat neglected and misunderstood. Just thought it was worth mentioning to Babygodmother.

One day I will pay for private tests for myself.


This link mentions that lyme disease is endemic in the Glasgow area.



I am just starting to self inject and hoping it will improve my symptoms as I to am worried about permanent damage. I have totally given up with the doctors and am sad to say the decline of the national health service. Good luck.


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