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Light at the end of the tunnel.. I hope

Everyone keep your toes and fingers crossed.....

Following on from my GP visit yesterday (to discuss my letter from haematology regarding their advice that I should be treated), my GP has just rung to say the haematologist has recommended B12 injections once per week (despite hideous neuro symptoms) until my symptoms "settle down". I told him yesterday how concerned I was about my 7 yr old and how she was having neuro symptoms and being followed up at haematology. Maybe that swung it. I have just changed GP so he is relaying that to my new doctor. I do not have a definite diagnosis but I am getting somehere...

So, I will play their wee game and see what happens. Of course, I said I am keeping a symptom diary and that I will be sure to see an improvement. I have plenty of hydroxocobalamin myself, they don't need to know I am self injecting every other day, right?!

I hope this is the end of my nightmare and I can start getting better. Please, I have reached my limit.. Two weeks ago I woke up feeling like ending it all... I would've done if it wasn't for the sake of my beautiful daughter's...

Thank you all for your support and for the lovely person who suggested I may be B12 deficient - I think it was Marz who first mentioned it, and also Gambit62 & Sleepybunny - a huge thanks to you all and everyone else... xxx

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That's great news. Another doc shown the light.


Thanks, if it wasn't for you guys on here, I am sure I would be dying in hospital. When I get back to work, I am going to make sure all my PA/B12 patients are reviewed and get better treatment


Great to hear you are getting the help you deserve and that hopefully your daughter will get the help she needs as well.

Hearing that there are some GPs out there that know about B12 gives me some hope for the future.


Just posted again, feeling absolutely dreadful. My legs are burning,a infill and weak. I am so distressed...


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