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B12? PA?

Hi all,

I was diagnosed with under active thyroid in April.

My bloods 3 months ago came back with a B12 result of 145

Doctor told me to eat lots of broccoli and get more bloods in 3 months.

I had those done on Monday, my B12 is now up to 199 doc said that's within normal range and no further action required.

I have this morning registered at a new surgery, I should be a patient there by early next week. I will need to make an appointment to see a doc to get some more levo and get it started on a repeat as I'm new there. Any advice on what I should ask for regarding my B12 or should I just give in and self medicate?

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From my experience, if your b12 levels are increasing simply by what you are eating I would say it is not an autoimmune situation. I would take vitamin supplements if you feel the need, keep a good diet up but I wouldn't be self injecting at the moment.

Hope this helps


Hi, have you considered having private tests done? Active B12, MMA - methylmalonic acid and homocysteine. They can be done at St Thomas's or from an online lab. Well worth doing as it gives your actual levels at cellular level. The doctors can't argue with such definitive results. Then you can try and find out if PA or B12d - symptoms exactly same! Intrinsic factor testing is flawed in itself. Don't take supplements until had more tests done. It's nonsense of the dr to tell you to eat more broccoli! Such a low reading, he's putting you in danger.

You will need to do lots of research and learn to be assertive in doctors.


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