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I've been taking this for over 15th after I had part of my bowel removed. (Interterseption) I belive this is also when I started being B12 deficient. My doctor says it's essential I still take it for reflux that I suffer with on occasions. What does anyone else think. It does suit me but was only diagnosed B12 deficient 12 weeks ago it's all new to me.

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Hi Catherine,

I can't remember if I posted this link before on your threads so apologies if I did.

Omeprazole and other PPIs can affect the uptake of B12.

The second link says that Omeprazole should be prescribed with special care to those with B12 deficiency.There was also an article on

PPIs as a possible cause of B12 deficiency is mentioned in Sally pacholok's book "Could It Be B12"

I think that acid reflux can be a symptom of both low stomach acid and high stomach acid. Are you being treated for low stomach acid or high stomach acid?

I used to get mild reflux but this stopped when I started taking B12.

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Low and ty x


You mention that you had part of bowel removed - did this involve the ileum. Without the ileum - which is where 99% of B12 is absorbed - and where stored B12 is released from the liver for reabsorption - you will definitely become B12 deficient and you should really have been on B12 injections from the time of the operation.


Gambit. Yes is the answer to your question. That was in 1999. Only been told I'm B12 deficient 3-4 months ago. To say the least I've been suffering needlessly for a very long time.


Unfortunately your situation is far from uncommon - I've met (as in physically being people that I come into contact through social activities) one other person who basically got to the point of collapsing and it was the paramedic who picked him up on one occasion who diagnosed the problem as B12.

I also know someone else who had gastric surgery in 1960s and was on regular injections until they moved and then went really down in hill in the few years after that ... and is still struggling in ways that they weren't before the gap in treatment.

Unfortunately the surgery will also have affected your ability to absorb just about every nutrient going from your food as you probably lost quite a bit of the gut by the sound of it - so no wonder you are having all sorts of other problems as well.

So, may be that you need to look at supplementing a whole load of things.

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Hi I was prescribed omeprazole 12 months ago - I took it for 2 weeks and was told I would be on it for life. !!! not good. After doing lots of research I decided to make drastic changes to my diet. I stopped eating wheat and gluten and i avoid dairy, I have not needed omeprazole since, I no longer have IBS and indigestion. I take B12 supplements, Vit D and thyroid meds.


If they used nitrous oxide on you. It wipes out you reserves of B12.


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