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Buying methylcobalamin

I've been self injecting hydro for years I didn't realise you could get methylcobalamin if you where in the UK could anyone tell me where you can get it from, I used to get it from a private doctor who isn't around anyone and don't want to pay that kind of money again just to get methyl so if you could point me in right direction I would be grateful


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dear tillie06

There are at least 3 ways I know to get B12 Methylcobalamin.1) Google" "Here you can get vials of dried Methyl with the necessary saline to make it up. You can get it in various amounts. You can get the same from E bay by searching for"Vitamin B12 injection"

2) Also dried from Oxford biosciences but they don't supply the saline. You can get that from Germany from Bodfeld apotheke On the site you need to search for PZN 2737779 It costs 3.25 Euros + 5.89 euros for 10x 10 ml

3) Ready made up ampoulles of Methyl from "" They are in Munich Germany Very efficient You can E mail them with your order in English or you can phone them in English . You have to pay them in advance (Paypal) Hope that this helps. Best wishes to you !

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Thankyou! I have just ordered from b- amazing and have emailed the arnika pharmacy i get my b12 hydro from bodfeld apotheke! So i will look into that, many thanks wedgewood :)


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