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PA diagnosed during endoscopy

This is my first post and can relate to just about everything I have read! I was diagnosed with PA during a endoscopy (which was due to a CT scan I took and it "showed" something). Anyway my hematologist suggested and gave me a prescription for injectable b12 shots for 5 straight days and then monthly. Within a 2 week period after the initial 5 shots, I was right back where I was regarding fatigue etc. I am now trying to find online where I can purchase b12 injectable without a prescription (I think I'm not looking hard enough). From what I do read that you secrete the b12 you don't need so toxicity is not going to be a factor.

Then I hear about magnesium, which I take plenty of different vitamins and that is just one of them, can someone suggest what else to do? I do know that I have to take my health in my own hands at times, and I go to enough doctors that I'm not worried about doing something wrong. But I need to follow my own path for a while and see how I make out.


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Dear Claudette,

Are you in the U.K..? If so, I have just found a source in UK . You can

get Powdered Hydroxo and Methylcobalamin from---- They also supply the saline to reconstitute the powder. Otherwise try Amazon de(german Amazon) where you can get hydroxocobalamin in ampoules. Search for Vitamin B12 Ampulles. Also remember you need plenty of folate(vit B9) It works together with B12 . I would also take Vitamin D+K and yes magnesium. You can spray magnesion on your body. you can make it yourself---much cheaper. All info onlone. No need to worry about B12 toxicity(the docs like to quote that ) I have read a few medical papers saying there is absolutely no danger at all(Dutch medical Council and an EU paper)

Onwards and upwards! Best wishes to you.


Thank you so much for your reply. I will definitely look into this info some more. My stomach is not absorbing B12 and wonder about all the other vitamins I do take. I do not live in the UK but will forge ahead. I love this site. Thanks again for your quick reply.


Also good to take a B complex so you are able to keep all the B's in balance I have read.... I take Thorne Research B complex - it contains Methylfolate which is natural in place of Folic Acid which is synthetic. You may wish to research this yourself :-)

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Thank You for taking the time to reply. Yes, I've been taking B12 complex, under tongue etc. but will look into all this info further. I am new to this site and find it absolutely fascinating to "hear" that this is not in my head! Its really a true condition/disease that must be further researched. It affects your whole well being! Thank You again.


I have heard of B12 lozenges being taken under the tongue - but not a B-Complex. Which one are you taking ? Just interested :-)


So sorry Marz, its not a complex. Reading from the label its Methyl B12, 3000 mcg. I feel it doesn't do me much good, but I'll finish the bottle as my search continues.


Maybe you need to take a higher dose - Jarrow do one at 5000mcg. Don't forget the B Complex as well to keep all the B's in balance - this may help too :-)


You can get it from Amazon. de, its in Germany and you don't need a prescription 💊. Prices are reasonable and delivered in about 5days.


Not sure where you are based and what form of B12 you are using -

If Australia then you can get injectible B12 over the counter without prescription. (hydroxo)

If you are US based then it could be more tricky to get injectible B12 - even near the canadian border you can go over and buy it in canada.

I think there is somewhere in florida or california that will distribute injectible B12 - but you'd have to hunt through posts - probably about a month ago - to find out the details.

People do vary a lot in what types of b12 they respond best to and different methods of delivery can be quite effective for some but not for others.

1% of B12 is actually absorbed outside the ileum so sometimes flooding the gut with huge amounts of B12 helps. Sublinguals obviously don't work for you but nasal spray might or skin patches.

You could try posting again for advise on obtaining B12 specific to your country of residence.

If you are thinking of supplementing other vitamins then the following may be of use in determining what are safe limits.

Your body needs folate/B9 to process B12 - if you can food is best source. Your ability to absorb folate and other vitamins hasn't necessarily been compromised as the mechanism for absorbing B12 - through the ileum is very specialised and involves quite a small region of the gut.


Claudette, if you are planning to inject frequently you need to keep your potassium level up as it gets depleted when B12 kicks in and starts making new blood cells. Best is to have potassium-rich foods like bananas and coconut water.

There is a pernicious anemia group on a popular social network where many of the members inject often and offer their advice to new members just starting down the path of self-injection. It is a private group so your family and friends can't see your posts, as this can be very personal.


Thanks Tracy - Every reply to my post has been so helpful, as is yours. Thanks again and will continue searching.


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