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Hi all my daughter's GP very reluctant to give her b12 loading doses despite the fact she has neurological symptoms , although she did agree to 6. Now my daughter is reluctant to battle and can't get an appointment anyway for 3 weeks. I have bought her patches which she is happier to use but are they as effective? Should I be nagging her to go back to GP?? thanks everyone for all your help on this forum 😃

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  • They work for some people and not for others - sublinguals (tabs and sprays) and nasal sprays are the same - unfortunately the only way of knowing if it works for you is to try it.

    Did she notice any difference from the 6 shots? Could you suggest going with her armed with various bits of guidelines? so it isn't actually her that has to do the arguing.

    Sometimes it can actually be quite liberating to just do it for yourself as you can feel so at the mercy of the whims of doctors otherwise.

  • She really should be having the injections, why is her doctor reluctant to do them? There is a recommended treatment written down for doctors to follow, and if she has neurological symptoms it is even more important to stick to these guidelines. The Pernicious Anaemia Society are very helpful, and there is plenty of information on their website. MariLiz

  • I hate needles and found this product Vita Sciences Vitamin B12 Methylcobalamin Cream Skin Use daily and rub into inside of wrist or on stomach. I take b12 shots twice a month and was feeling fatigue between shots. This seems to maintain a constant b12 level

  • Thank you all for your replies and sorry I haven't replied earlier. My husband had pharyngeal pouch stapling that went badly wrong and was discharged with an infection! Into A&E 2 days later😕 Now on nasogastric feeding for 3rd week and nothing by mouth. Was looking today on this site for info on that - my daughter has made another GP appoinment ( trying a different one) so will try and get there with her or arm her with printouts! Thanks again

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