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B12 ordered - now for the 'tools'

I've just ordered some Hydroxocobalamin from Amazon.de, and now I am ordering the syringes/needles, swabs etc, and have a few questions (as new self-injecter).

Having done some research, a couple of people on HU recommended buying off Amazon. I found a couple of insulin needles there, but both with one buyer questioning their quality. Is there a trusted brand for these products, or do I just take a chance?

I have looked at the Medisave site, but nearly everything there has to be ordered by the 100.

I am choosing SUBQ at least to start off with.

And I nearly forgot - what size of sharps box for the insulin syringes?

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I'd go with a smaller box for the sharps on the grounds that you will probably find this easier to dispose of through the chemist. I think the smallest size is around 0.3L so would go with that. I actually use 2L and have one now that I need to dispose of but haven't had the courage to try the chemist ... or time to look into other means of disposal - most councils have a scheme for medical waste so think you can arrange collection but it could be a bit of a rigmarole.

The insulin needles from medisave may come in boxes of 100 but also have about a 5 year life, so that gives you a long time in which to use them - the boxes are split into 10 packs of 10. To be on the safe side I would probably go with them.

Hope that subQ does the trick - it seems to be enough for me.

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Thanks Gambit62. It does make sense to be confident in the syringe/needles, more so when just starting out self-injecting.

I'll go with the smallest sharps box, and ask at Boots etc if they take them.


By the way, if you find injection painful, freeze the area for 5/10 prior, then will be painless. I freeze water in tied freezer bags, laid in the freezer, so approx 5" diameter.

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Thanks cc120, I have seen that suggested by several people. And I've got a couple of those gel packs that I keep in the freezer to help with a back problem.


Hi Hypopotamus, the gel packs are more convenient. I find the extra coldness of the ice more effective, but probably just me : )


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