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B12 injections best way to administer ?

Hi guys ,

I have to take b12 up to now I have been using 1 blue needle to draw and inject .

However heard about glass shards so looking into ordering some drawing up needles maybe 21gauge green needles? Would these be ok?

I was also thinking of ordering insulin syringes the needle is very fine so I think if I ordered them I wouldn't have to change the needle would I ?

What are your thoughts on this ?

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Hi Jessica_89

Yes, the insulin needles are very fine but they are also very short. Therefore they

May not go in far enough if you want it to go into the muscle. IM

They are great if you want to inject just under the skin or SC .

On your previous post , the reply from Ahernj was excellent advice.

I also warm the ampoules in between my palms and it doesn't sting as much. This apparently makes the solution thinner.


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Did you see the replies you got to your last post?

I use two needles, blue 23Gx1" for injection and green 21Gx1.5" for drawing up as I found that the point can get quite bent / blunt against the bottom of the ampoule - I don't want to miss any!! :-D

Also the 1 inch ones seems to be the right depth for my injections but are a bit short to easily reach the bottom of the ampoules.

I hadn't heard about the glass shards or filter needles until a few days ago despite having done animal injections for 20+ years so I'm not worried about it.


Hi Denise

I did thank you so much for your reply.

Im all set now :)

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Great, well done! It's a bit tricky to work it all out, isn't it. You've done the hard bit - the jabs are fine. Just about to do mine and hence look forward to another busy day!



Yes it definitely is. Thanks for your help :)

Can I ask you who adviced you about which needles to use ? Was it your GP?

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I use exactly the same as DeniseIn Milden - which is exactly what the nurse that did my loading doses (and taught me to self-inject) uses.

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Same here: they worked well for me so I carried on with the same ones. I have tried other draw up needles and the 21Gx1.5 ones seem the best though their size is less essential.

I'm very lucky as I have 30 years (ouch - I'm glad I don't feel that old any more!!) experience of injecting animals so have used a whole range of needles and various methods.

An aside - I am passionate about welfare and have added "use new needles" to my campaigns now I know what less than perfect needles feel like!


Thanks Guys :)

Are you a vet Denise?

That's my dream job!

Also are you both uk based?

Was adviced pink 18 gauge by someone to draw up with but little reluctant as they are bigger & may be easier to draw up glass!

But I guess when you change to 23g blue to administer it doesn't really matter what you draw up with it as if you do accidentally draw up glass the 23g wouldn't let it through anyway! Am I right in thinking this?


Any particles of glass smaller than the internal diameter of the 23g needle would still be injected.

Where has all this worry about glass suddenly come from? I've never seen a filter needle used for any injection, B12 or otherwise.


Smaller than the internal diameter 23g but anything bigger that may of gone through if you drew up with an 18g needle wouldn't go through if that makes sense?

I read some articles on glass shards and how they can cause health implications but surely they would be widely used if there was a problem .

I have never self injected so just being extra cautious.


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