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Suffering with anexity

No energy really bad headaches light headed ness dizziness lost a lot of weight pins and needles cold hands and cold feet

Just been tested for b12 n folate had test done Friday going to ring my surgery on Tuesday to see if the results are back everything points to b12 defincey but also point with anexity which I av can anyone shed sun light on there symptoms too thanks

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"going to ring my surgery on Tuesday to see if the results are back "

One of my top tips is to get paper copies of blood results. Your surgery will probably charge for this.

I was told more than once over the phone that my results were normal only to find out that some of them weren't when I got copies.

"Just been tested for b12 n folate " Have they also checked your iron (ferritin levels)?

Have you had a full blood count test as well? I found it helpful to get copies of my full blood counts. If you have a FBC test then look at the MCV and MCH levels.

High MCV and/or high MCH can indicate a B12 deficiency and/or folate deficiency.

Low levels of iron can lower the MCV and MCH result. If you have both low iron and low B12 and/or folate your results can appear normal.

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Thanks for the reply

I'll get a copy of it for definite then x


Yes I have all of these. B12 deficiency can cause some major anxiety and mood/behavior changes so you don't need to be hard on yourself about it!

When I get my shots all that steadies and my moods just even out and I feel like a warm person again...when you're b12 deficient you just don't feel like yourself..

If you educate yourself on the tests you need, get supplementation according to your needs, and keep an eye out for side effects (not everyone gets these), you'll be off to a good start.

I personally think doctors are quick to prescribe antidepressants without appreciating how health can affect mood. I've had a lot of side effects from those sorts of medications. Having learned about my health issues and deficiencies, and seeing how they respond to the right treatment, I personally avoid psychiatric drugs.

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"I personally think doctors are quick to prescribe antidepressants without appreciating how health can affect mood"

My experience bears this out. I kept getting told my symptoms were due to my depression. I kept telling the doctors that I was depressed because the symptoms prevented me from doing what I wanted to do.

It seemed logical to me at the time to to try to find out the physical cause behind the symptoms, treat it and then the depression would disappear because I'd be able to have my life back. However the doctors thought differently. I tried three different antidepressants which had no effect.

The only thing that has a positive effect on my mood is B12 and I had to find that out myself.

I cynically think that Gps are under pressure to diagnose depression as they get more money for this diagnosis than some others.

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Same thing happened w me I'd been to gp loads as I wasn't feeling myself at all then he goes sounds like anexity n more or less showed me the door !!!!

When I mentioned b12 to him on Wednesday he said b12 doesn't happen to normal ppl like us it's more in alcholics I couldn't believe what I actually heard

N the amount of times I've mentioned the pins and needles and how cold my hands n feet are I had no joy with that one

In the end he obviously agreed to do the test but I felt like I had to beg for it !!!!

So now it's just a case of waiting to see what the results are

I av a bit of a hunch that my b12 could possibly be low coz I've been on meds nearly 8 weeks n still not got hardly any energy and nowhere near my self as yet


Until I knew I had b12 deficiency I had mood swings I didn't even recognise, its still eatly days for me but ive had my loading doses and doing ok. I still have the occasional low day.

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Apart from the weight loss I have/had all your symptoms. I stay the same weight regardless I dont put on and I dont loose.

all the other symptoms I had before my loading shots. They havd all now gone,dstill get tired and am dreading waiting 12weeks for next inj


Lookily my blood results. Came back normal but going to discuss it further with the neroulogist coz my gp is just rubbish and I'm off to try next time I'm in surgery to get a print out of the results


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