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I'm having B12 injections every 8 weeks, and my next two will fall into periods when I am in France, and then when I am in Serbia or maybe Croatia or maybe Montenegro. Can anyone advise on how can get the injections? My doctor will give a prescription so I can take the ampoules with me, but she won't let me have them in the UK after 6 weeks instead of 8.

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  • I don't know about Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro but France won't be a problem - you can get the shot at a pharmacy there without prescription.

  • Thank you - we will be staying with friends in France who have lived there for years, so I'll ask if they can sort me out locally.

  • Most countries you can first try to make an appointment with a clinic to have your prescribed B12 injected (taking the ampoule with you) for something like £15,-, but sometimes they will insist you first see a doctor there which will add to the costs I'm afraid. It helps if you have a translated version ( into the language of the countries you are expected to need your B12 jab) of a letter from your GP (yes that letter will cost money) that explains why and when you need to have your B12 injection. All a lot of hassle, better to learn to self inject! In some countries its no problem at all others it is, my daughter had to pay for seeing a Dr first before she could have her B12 jab in France, so people's experiences are different.

  • Thank you - more research is needed! I'll get to work.

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