Help. I can't get travel insurance


Does anyone know of travel insurance companies in the UK who I can get cover with.

I previously had tests for low B12 and after receiving injections up until August 2014 it was found to be self corrected and my treatment was stopped. My last haemoglobin blood count was in October 21013 and was found to be normal.

However now the travel insurance companies are requesting haemoglobin results within the last 12 months. How can I give them results for tests I haven't had done or needed according to the doctor that discharged me? I am in the UK, has anyone else come across this?



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  • Hi you could get this via your GP if they really need it. Are you feeling OK off the B12? It seems a bit odd that you would be low in B12 if you have a normal diet. Your B12 results would have been high/normal range due to injections rather than self-correcting. At the end of the day, it is how you feel that matters. In any case, it would probably be worthwhile getting your blood count and B12/folate rechecked if you have had no supplements since August.

  • Thanks for the reply. I realise that my B12 levels have not self corrected and that the levels are higher due to the injections, however it was a gastroenterologist and my GP who decided I’m better.

    Therefore if I have been discharged by the hospital & GP with no problems why am I being asked for further tests? My problem now is that I’m in a no man’s land where I cannot get treatment as there is ‘nothing wrong’ but cannot get travel insurance because I had B12.

    I have tried 2 travel insurance companies and they both refuse to insure me without the blood test but why would the GP agree to do this if previously he decided there is nothing wrong including the original haemoglobin test done in October 2013.



  • Oh dear, that's awful. The only think I can suggest is going back to your GP and asking if they will do a letter for insurance company or better still recheck your bloods to ensure they are OK.

  • Thanks again for the reply. Unfortunately I left it too late this time, not realising they would ask for this. In future I will perhaps go to my GP and request either a letter or blood tests as you suggested.

    Just have to hope my luggage doesn't go missing!



  • Hope your holiday goes well! Enjoy!

  • I have 4 weekly B12 injections (having one done today at 9 a.m.). Never heard of Travel Insurance asking about B.12 injections/levels. Why would they enquire about such a thing?

  • Hi Linda

    hope all goes well..

    I have just had to take out insurance as we holiday in USA this july.

    I was asked about my B12 and if my Haem was 80 or above...

    This is with Holiday insurance UK through Nationwide building we have an account with them.

    Am now insured but need to advise them if my Haem is below 80...

  • That's what I was asked. But it was over 130 in 2013 so the gp doesn't need me to have another test. Plus I've been told my b12 is fine so I can't get treatment. I can't even get luggage cover.

  • ahh Linda, that doesnt seem right?

  • I haven't even thought about this! I need travel insurance for October. Mb better start looking into it?!

  • I have just taken out some travel insurance and I got several quotes. Each one now asks if your hemoglobin levels have ever been below a certain level. if you answer you don't know they won't insure you unless you check with your GP

    If you simply answer no ( because they never have been to your knowledge and your doc would tell you if they were), they will insure you!!

    The simple fact it they are asking questions which have a tick box yes or no, on their computers

    Raise any sort of question or say you can't answer then they will say sorry we can't insure you

    I got my insurance through AA travel insurance, a company I have used several times in the past

  • Hi Linda, I needed travel insurance last year and went with the Post Office. I'm also a Coeliac so wanted both my PA and Coeliac condition disclosed just to be on the safe side! They were fine with it. I'm sure there are several companies out there that will cover you, especially if it is only UK cover you need. Might be an idea to ask your home/contents/car insurance provider too they might give a discount. Hope that helps. Happy travelling!

  • Hi

    I have collected numerous conditions that I have to declare including PA and a cardioversion. Have never had a problem getting insurance. When it comes to the Hb result it shouldn't be a problem as that question is linked to anaemia not PA and I tell them so lol. I also don't pay a fortune for the insurance. There are many companies out there that cover pre-existing conditions. If you go on an insurance price comparison site and search for travel insurance with pre-existing conditions you will find lots of companies that will cover and they don't cost a fortune either.

    Hope you have a lovely holiday :)

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