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Travelling abroad

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I self inject every 3 days as it works for me. It’s not prescribed, I buy it myself. I only get jabbed every 3months at the doctors. I’m travelling abroad and I’d like to take my b12 ampoules and syringes. Is this possible? I know you need a prescription for pills etc Has anyone taken them on a plane without one? I don’t want to ask my doctor as she just laughed at me when I initially said I needed b12 more often. A bit of a predicament I think ...

Comments welcome Tia

28 Replies
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Hi Hidden I don't know the answer but I guess diabetics "get away" with it. Do you know anyone on insulin who go abroad?

Perhaps you could contact your airline and ask advice.

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I will thank you

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I've taken b12 plus syringes and needles to both Malta and Greece. I put them in my hold luggage so I couldn't be thought to be keeping dangerous items with me. No problem at all!

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I’m only taking cabin luggage as it’s cheaper. 😬

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I took b12 ampules and needles to Prague in hand luggage and it was fine. Good luck 😉

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Thank you 😊

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To and from the USA, pack everything in your checked luggage. Especially the syringes.

These are confiscated by TSA if in hand carry luggage.

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Hi I’m not in USA I’ll be in Europe. I can understand why I shouldn’t be allowed but I’d like to know a way around it as I won’t get it prescribed as my doctor thinks it’s funny I need more than 1ml every 3 months!

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As you can buy B12 over the counter in many European pharmacies, why do you suspect that you can’t travel with them? There is nothing you need to “get around“.

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I didn’t know that. So can I buy b12 over the counter in Britain? As it’s in Europe. I’ve not been in this situation before so I don’t know much. Can I go to Tenerife and buy b12 ampoules and syringes then?

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Sorry don’t mean to be rude by comment below, but I’d just like specific answers not specifically USA based! As things are a tad different here 😊

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Can’t buy OTC in the UK or USA.

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SeabeeWifeWidger in reply to pvanderaa

I get mine in Canada..shipped to US.. I was unaware, too.. odd how that works!

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Sita505USA in reply to SeabeeWifeWidger

Hi Sea

Do you have any concerns about Customs or other legal concerns getting B12 sent to the US?

Also, you must have found a distributor in Canada that you trust for having a reliable, safe product; would you share the name?

Many thanks, Sita

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SeabeeWifeWidger in reply to Sita505USA

Zero concerns! Just received my 2nd shipment and no issues with customs.. the site is

3-30mL bottles on sale for $94 plus shipping.

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Sita505USA in reply to SeabeeWifeWidger

Many thanks!

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I SI 3 x per week and I’ve flown a few times. Each time I pack my vial of b12 in my carry on bag and syringes in my checked baggage. I have never needed a note for prescriptions as long as they are in their original bottles.

I asked my GP for a letter when I last flew. She did a printout of all my meds and signed it. As you are getting B12 every three months it should appear on the list.

Have a lovely holiday.

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That’s a good idea thanks

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I asked my GP for a letter saying I SI and they refused on the grounds they don't approve the SI (even though my GP showed me how to do it).... so I usually put everything in hold baggage. I think if you have a GP's letter it would be ok for hand baggage, maybe. I like the idea of posting things to yourself in advance! I would be more worried about the needles than the ampoules, but I'm not an expert.

I think the needles would have to be in checked in luggage as they could be considered as a weapon. But can understand you onLy taking carry on bag. I'd call the airline. Also email them and print their response and take it with you. You could try calling a diabetes charity and asking what diabetics do. As the very last resort you could post some syringes and needles to your destination hotel & collect on arrival ( and B12 itself if not allowed in hand luggage)

You could check local destination pharmacies to see what you can purchase on arrival.

Last resort, depending on how long you are away, is to inject just before departure and have next after you arrive home.

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Great ideas thank you 😊

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I self inject daily. I travel to Europe and I take both a doctors script and a specialists letter. I carry the liquid, needles ( and medical notes ) both in my hand luggage and some in my case. I also have medical equipment which I am trained to use.

Without wanting to tempt fate I’ve never been asked for documentation but I am aware you do need it. I make my life easier by carrying insulin needles ( no one tends to ask much as it says it on the packet!) and say a 10 ml bottle with a rubber stopper to inject from. If I can’t obtain a 10 ml then I take a half empty 30 ml one. I always have a back up one in mine and my husband’s cases. Also I take daily magnesium sulphate injections and the same applies.

You need a script dated within 3 months of flying. Yours will be your latest so you need it to be as close to your holiday as you can make it. Otherwise is may look a tad odd if inspected.

As yet I’ve only been asked to taste my ascorbic acid powder. ( that was last year).

If we leave the EU I dare say travelling will be messier. Personally I’d never just take carry on baggage. Sorry I am a belt and braces girl.

Please ask if you need more details.

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That’s brilliant advice especially the insulin needles thank you do they fit any syringes?

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Howard39 in reply to


They are all combined. So you draw and then inject. Far easier and it looks better at the airport too.

I have mine on prescription but I can buy them too. 1ml or 0.5ml.

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That sounds easier I’ll buy some and post some thank you 😊

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Found this on the Ryan Air page for Carriage of medical syringes.

Passengers are permitted to carry syringes in the aircraft cabin, if they are needed for medical reasons (for example a diabetic passenger).

However, passengers should carry a doctor's letter to evidence this requirement on all flights.

If you check the website they say that a letter from the doctor is essential. Can you print off a prescription or get hold of one for the supply of B12? Do you have any correspondence from a medical practitioner diagnosing PA?

If you are travelling to Spain you can go to the local pharmacy and buy cyan for about 2.5 euros for 5, I find this better for injecting into my thigh and it doesn't hurt!. It seems that you can buy needles at pharmacies in Spain, but I would try the TripAdvisor Spanish/French forums and ask if you can buy needles over the counter.

Hope the above helps.

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I’m flying with Ryanair (god help me lol) I’ll check their policies thank you for the advice.

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