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i have managed to wrench my back, just 2 days after my last physio appointment! I cannot take dihydrocodeine as it updets my stomach so my GP has offered me a prescription for tramadol. I know tramadol is a very powerful pain reliever and I am concerned that my PA may cause problems. Is anyone aware of B12 hydroxo and tramadol being contra indicated or not a good idea? Also, I have been told I am welcome to copies of all my blood test results since diagnosis, in order to have them with me to go over with the neurologist I am being sent to shortly, but here in Scotland I was aggrieved to find I had to pay a £10 to the NHS for 'access to medical records' as well as 50p per sheet for the actual test results. As it happens, I can afford to pay, but supposing I were on benefits or a low pension? If this is a way of saving the NHS it seems a bit unfair to me

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Not aware of any interactions between B12 and tramadol and have used tramadol very occasionally whilst being on B12 and didn't notice any effects - though I'm only one person ... tramadol is known to be highly addictive - one of the opiate class of drugs ... some people find that it makes them feel rather spaced out - which can be a pleasant experience but that isn't everyone's cup of tea.

Following link may be reassuring.

Strictly speaking they will/can also charge in England - supposed to be an admin charge and meant to deter time-wasting but you are right about it being discriminatory - and that could be grounds for challenging and getting a judicial review of the provisions that allow charging but can't really see that happening in the near future.

Hope the back sorts itself out soon- can be quite painful.


Thank you gambit62, had hoped you'd answer! I'm on the mend, but concerned that my symptoms may indicate SACDSC (pins needles, numbness, shooting pains, the same old story) and can't help feeling that my propensity to keep putting my back out, is somehow connected. Seeing neurologist soon so should get some answers then. Many thanks for the link, our leccy is about to go off 'for vital upgrading' at 0900 and wont be back until 1500 so probably wont get the chance to read it properly till this evening.


won't take very long to read the link.

I had a lot of problems with my back before I managed to sort out my B12 levels so there could be a connection - being B12 deficient can cause muscle weakness which is a bit of a recipe for disaster when it comes to the back.

I was given a load of exercises which helped - and I found running was something that really helped me cope a lot ... but then I broke an ankle and that was a disaster ... though it did actually lead to me finding out that I have a B12 absorption problem.

Try to keep active and see if the doctor can reccommend some back-strengthening exercises.

But really hope that you get the B12 sorted out.


I am much better now and the tramadol has helped but the wife is being very strict, won't let me take it for much longer because it is so addictive. I have been seeing a physio who gave me loads of exercises that seemed to help strengthen the muscles, until this, of course! Interesting what you say about muscle weakness, but of course it makes sense once somebody puts it into words! Spent my working life as a hard landscaper, and its biting me on the bum now!


May be that you aren't actually getting as much B12 as you need and if you supplemented (which is what I do) the problems with back and some of other things might go away, but good to see a neuro as could also be other things going on - but they may not know as much as would be ideal about B12 and be a bit dismissive of things - but hoping you'll get one of the good ones.


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