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Could this be a thyroid or vitamin deficiency?

I have all symptoms of b12 deficiemcy. I also have voting deficiency. Results were 25. But my serum test for b12 read normal. I have no energy I'm exhausted all day every day no matter how much I sleep.i have terrible headaches dizziness nausea fatigue muscle weakness pins and needles in hands and feet and an irritating tingling in arms and legs etc. Im suffering from severe anxiety and depression at this point. I've been dealing with this for about four years now. I seem to feel a tiny bit better after eating. And no it's not blood sugar. My BS is perfect. I have a glucose monitor. I've had every test done. So many blood tests. I'm currently taking celexa and have been taking It for two months now so my folate might be off. I am constantly on panic mode and this medication has actually helped me a lot with my anxiety. But I know its only mildly masking my symptoms that are caused by something else. My thyroid levels looked normal. Although I know those results aren't always accurate. I am in pain everyday. The dizziness is out of control and i constantly have headaches everyday. My eyes are very sensitive to light and my body is very sensitive to temperature, cold and hot. I have hot flashes and cold chills all the time. It back and forth. I'm so miserable. I haven't worked in four years because of this and my relationship with my fiance is getting so much worse with every passing day. I can barely do anything. Also I'm having terrible brain fog and I can't seem to remember anything at all. I used to be really smart and I feel like a complete ditz now. I don't understand what people are saying sometimes. I can't be around people. It's too over stimulating. I can't function like this anymore. Does anyone have advice?

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I mean to say I also have a vitamin d deficiency and my levels are 25. Are you suppose to feel worse when you first start d3. Does it get better? And could I have thyroid issues or b12 deficiency even tho the blood test said normal. I should also mention i have recently been diagnosed with asthma and it's getting worse. The breathing issue started a couple years ago and has slowly progressed and gradually gotten worse. All of my symptoms, which I didn't list all cause that would take all day, have started over the last four years. I've had two mris with and without contrast twice. CT scan of lungs twice. Spect scan of heart. I now have an arrythmia, a colonoscopy for gastrointestinal issues.i know I've had more but I can't think anymore right now.


Yes it could be a thyroid issue - but without the blood test results with ranges it is difficult to advise. You are entitled to have copies of your results from the surgery. Often Docs say normal when they mean - in range :-( - where in range is important for those of us that know ( mainly other thyroid sufferers ! )

The tests you need are TSH - FT4 - FT3 - Anti-TPO for the thyroid....

Ferritin - Folate - Iron also needed as you already have had the B12 and VitD tested. How much B12 and VitD are you taking ? If your D result was measured in nmol/L then you need to divide that result by 2.5 = 10 so you would need to take at least 5000 IU's daily. Also take K2 to ensure the improved calcium levels go to your bones. The link below shows you a graph which details doses required according to your results....


Are you taking a GOOD B Complex with the B12 to keep all the B's in balance. You may also benefit from taking the Thorne Research B Complex which contains methylfolate in place of Folic Acid. The latter is synthetic .

Your asthma can also be linked to low thyroid - in fact the active thyroid hormone T3 is needed in every one of the trillions and trillions of cells in the body. The same amount of cells also have receptors for D3 - so when both are low - things can begin to go wrong. Also after the brain the gut has the most receptors for T3....so again that could explain your gut problems.

Low Iron can also cause breathlessness - along with the low Ferritin - Folate and B12. Please read the link below.....


Am afraid finding the road to wellness involves lots of reading as I am sure you know. We have to be well informed to enable us to ask the right questions when we visit the Doc :-)

You can click onto my name and read the edited profile of my journey to wellness....

Lots of very knowledgeable people here so keep asking questions .... :-)


Im going to go ahead add all the results that stick out to me.

My results were

b12 514 pg/ml

Folate 15 ng/ml

Wbc 4.3k/ul

Abs neutrophils 2.3 k/ul

Sgot at 12 u/l

Sgpt although 8

Total bilirubin .4 mg/dl

Free t3 2.8 pg/ml

Free t4 1.35 ng/dl

Serotonin 5hiaa random urine 1.0 mg/l

Creating ratio 2.9 mg/g creating

Iron 94 ug/dl

Iron binding 332 ug/dl

Saturation 28 %

Total t3 .9 ng/ml

T4 thyroxine 8.2 ug/dl

Tsh 3.946 uIU/ml

Lymphocytes 41.3 %

Platelet count 181 k/ul

Differential neutrophils 50.6 %

Hemoglobin 13.7 g/dl

Cortisol 27 ug/dl

Vit d 2t ng/ml

Tsh w/reflex to ft4 3.164 mIU/ml

Eosinophils .7 %

Abs Eosinophils .o k/ul

I've read a little here and there blab out methyl folate and methyl b12. I also read about Vit d3 and thyroid. Here and there. But I'm looking for advice. What to do? I just don't know.


I thought I had given you some advice in my post about tests and ranges. Your results do not have ranges. These vary from lab to lab. When you feel able - have a read of the links I have given you - perhaps there is something there for you.

You may wish to post your results on Thyroid UK - another forum in HealthUnlocked - someone will comment who knows more than me !

I am not an expert in ALL blood tests :-(


Thanks. I'll check that out.


did you have to pay a lot to get the results from your doctors? I heard it can cost 50 pounds!


That's feee information. It's your medical history. Just call and request it or go up there.


Depression is very much linked to vitamin D deficiency, and the link below might help.


Your other symptoms, especially the tingling, severe, anxiety etc. appear to be neurological and B12 deficiency should be considered first, as although your serum B12 results are not considered particularly low in the UK, the serum test is not reliable and does not rule out a deficiency if you are symptomatic.***

You also have a thyroid problem, which is often interlinked with B12 deficiency, both being autoimmune. I have found I don't need as much thyroid medication since supplementing for a while now with Jarrows B12 5000 sublingually but it would probably be better to ask for further tests as advised in the B12 def. link that Marz has given.

The most important thing to remember is that a diagnosis of B12 deficiency should be considered in the presence of neurological symptoms of unknown cause as neurological symptoms may progress and become irreversible.

This is the latest BMJ research document, with a summary which you could perhaps show to your GP, (taking someone with you for support might also help) as with all the BCSH, NICE and UKNEQAS guidelines, it recommends treatment of neurological symptoms without delay until no further improvement.


Cmim/BMJ document. " Summary:

* Vitamin B12 deficiency is a common but serious condition

* Clinical presentation may not be obvious thus leading to complex issues around diagnosis and treatment.

* There is no ideal test to define deficiency and therefore the clinical condition of the patient is of utmost importance."

* There is evidence that new techniques, such as measurement of holotranscobalamin and methylmalonic acid levels seem useful in more accurately defining deficiency.

* If clinical features suggest deficiency, then it is important to treat patients to avoid neurological impairment even if there may be discordance between test results and clinical features.

Severe deficiency shows evidence of bone marrow suppression, clear evidence of neurological features and risk of cardiomyopathy.

***It is important to recognise that clinical features of deficiency can manifest without anaemia and also without low serum vitamin B12 levels. In these cases, treatment should still be given without delay."

Best wishes for a good outcome tata.

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Tata- as Marz says, you need to put the ranges as well as the results please. Are you taking any supplements? Sorry you're feeling so bad. You've made the right step in asking for help.


PS. I forgot to mention that I have avoided gluten for several months now and I'm sure this is a major contributory factor in enabling me to reduce thyroid medication, as it reduces the antibodies in Hashi's.


I have just been dignosed with iron deficiency and horrible pain had to sign off work and because of the health and safey and it really get me down so i thought i would try and turn my condation in to help people out in diffent ways of help maybe support people and help this agency out with its fund raising while i amoff to take mind off it all. spell bit out at min some time cannot rember the spelling .


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