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Folate!! Optimal Levels

Hi, does anyone know the optimal levels for folate for someone who suffers with Pernicious Anaemia? I have read on the B12deficiency website that 'Folate levels need to be in the high end of the range in order for the B12 to be properly utilised '

I had some blood results yesterday : -

Vitamin B12 - 743 Range = 150 - 750 I am self injecting with Hydroxocobalamin

Folate - 5.1 Range >4 Although above range this still seems quite low to me. Any thoughts welcome?

Thanks in advance for any help,


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Last time I had folate done the range was quoted as up to 20 so I'd say that your result looks on the low side on that basis.

Are you eating plenty of vegetables etc high in folate - brocoli is a good source - as is spinach ... though spinach is bad if you are having problems with iron levels.


Thanks for your reply, I agree, I think it is low too and on the Thyroid Patient Advocacy is recommends folate to be in the region of 15-17 for optimal thyroid health, so that is what I am going to aim for. I also have Hashimoto's as well as PA. My nutritionist has recommended 2 cups of dark leafy greens daily to help to increase it. Can I ask you why is Spinach bad if there are iron problems? I'm interested because my Ferritin level is also low in the range - measuring 23, range is 22 - 322. My GP has prescribed Ferrous Sulphate for one month. So, I have a couple of things to work on.


Spinach is a really interesting nutritional story - in the US they produced tables of vitamin and mineral content of various foods some time in the 20s or 30s but got the decimal point wrong in relation to the iron content of spinach - so although it is quite high in iron it isn't as high as Popeye believed ... besides which there is actually something in spinach that suppresses the uptake of iron which is why it isn't a good food if you want to get your iron levels up.


That is interesting, thank you. My nutritionist didn't tell me about that and she suggested that I up my Spinach intake to increase my iron levels. I will opt for other dark leafy veg as well to ensure adequate intake.


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