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New to B12 deficiency and need advice

I have been recently diagnosed with B12 deficiency after blood tests to check my thyroid as I have pretty much all the symptoms of an under active thyroid. Thyroid is fine apparently, folate levels are fine but B12 isn't. The GP has put me on cyanocobalamin tablets - 50micrograms three times a day. I feel like crap - I guess from reading a few posts, most of you feel like that! Can anyone tell me how long it will be before I start to feel the effects of the meds?

I am also struggling to lose weight - it goes on very easily tho! Is this a symptom of PA? I go to the gym several times a week when I can (energy levels permitting!!) and my appetite is not great but I eat healthy food for the most part. A session on the treadmill makes me feel good at the time but I pay for it afterwards lol!

I am also on anti depressants and there has been a lot going on the last 18 months, culminating in the loss of my mum in March to bowel cancer. I thought the way I was feeling was all stress-related and I think the stress has exacerbated my symptoms.

I just feel like I've lost "me" somewhere along the way and feel so low and exhausted all the time. Does anyone have any advice or suggestions on anything else I can do to feel better? I'm 48, over a stone heavier than I am comfortable with and struggling with work as my mind seems to be in a constant fog these days!!

Thanks x

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Hi Twinkle, two things standout initially-

your thyroid levels are apparently fine? You need to get the levels, post them on the thyroid forum on here and get their opinion, It's the same scenario as PA quite often with Gps making judgements on TSH levels which are the hormone from the pituitary gland and no indication of how well your thyroid is functioning at all.

Secondly, you need more investigation as to why you are deficient, if you have an absorption problem then tablets won't be of as much benefit (if any use at all) as injections - good luck with your quest ;-)


Thanks. I'm planning on going back to the gp with a list of questions and will be asking for a copy of my blood test results!

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Stress does have a significant impact on everything, and it's possible you aren't able to utilise the medication as easily. I agree with what Lisasones has told you, get a full print out of your results. Also, B12 deficiency often means you need injections, six over two weeks as your loading doses, followed by a blood test in six/eight weeks. This shows the doctor how well you are maintaining the levels. Then you go onto regular injections depending on your doctor for the timescale, but no longer apart than three monthly. Closer if you have neurological symptoms. Giving you tablets will only work if you have no problems with absorption in the gut. Best wishes MariLiz


Originally he said I would have injections but then he phones later the same day and said that he'd looked at my folate levels and as they were OK I could have tablets.


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