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In 2008 I had an operation which involved the removal of my fallopian tubes. The operation went well and 12 days later I was back swimming. However, I noticed that my energy levels were still not right, and went to doctor who arranged blood tests and it was established that I had an underactive thyroid. The next few weeks were spent working out the doses to see which suited me best. I started on 25mcg, then to 50mcg and am now on 100mcg.

In 2011 I started to feel unwell with the same symptoms and went back to the doctor, who arranged for more blood tests, these came back normal. I wasn't happy with this as I was feeling awful, so she made me an appointment with the endo. In the meantime I bought Dr Durrants book 'Your thyroid and how to keep it healthy'. It was an eye opener. Armed with a bit of information I saw the endo, she had done her tests and I asked her about RT3, she was very abrupt and told me RT3 was no longer prescribed (obviously financial). She was very unhelpful and made me feel that I should have not attended and made me feel small, another appointment was made but I didn't go back, my results said I had a raised autoimmune, but I was told it could mean anything.

I decided I would order some supplements from the Natural Choice, which was natural porcine thyroid 130mcg, and bovine for my adrenals 130mcg. I could not get by without the thyroxin, and am now at a point where I take 100mcg thyroxine, and 2 x porcine thyroid capsules, and 2 x bovine adrenal capsules, and I did start to improve, and for a while things were good.

Towards the end of September 2014 I noticed I was getting breathless, so went to see the doctor who said it was a virus and to take paracetamol. As the weeks went on I noticed, other symptoms, I went back to doctor who arranged blood tests for B12 deficiency, the results came back low, but at the high end of low(584) so there was no need for further action. I googled B12 and came across the PAS site, downloaded the list, and the only symptoms I had not experienced was the following, Tinnitus, family history, vitiligo, arrhythmia. The breathless did not go, so I went back armed with this list and showed her and asked if I could have treatment, and she told me she could not justify these few injections. I had started to self medicate anyway, and not see any improvement and I told her what I was taking , but she just said they were obviously not working because I still felt ill, but it was the same with the thyroxin, just trial and error. Eventually I started to inject Hydro, and after a while I noticed a huge improvement, but I still have this symptom where I struggle to catch my breath, and occasional swallowing problems.

Through all this, I have had two ECG’s, Lung test, chest x-rays taken, haematologist , cardiologist, neurologist, and am now waiting to have an MRI scan and single fibre EMG & nerve conduction studies, and so far with the exception of the last two everything is normal. I suppose in one way these tests are good as I am a lady of 56 (though young at heart), but rather than give me the B12 injections at minimum cost, I wonder how much was spent on these tests.

I could only get a telephone appointment with my doctor this morning, and asked what my reading was on my thyroid blood test in October and was told TSH was 1.1, and that I was in range, Range being .04-4. I asked about T4 and T3 and was told that as my TSH was normal they didn’t test for it.

So my question is, as I am now up against a brick wall can anyone tell me how I can source T3 without a prescription. I have asked in the past but without any success.

Sorry it’s so long, but I feel better now it’s off my chest. yeah

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HI, sorry but you may be better posting this on the thyroid forum, they are very good and will be able to help you far better than any people with PA/B12 def I expexct, Marre.


And if you do post there, it would help everyone if you didn't always use exactly the same subject/title for every post/question you put up.

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